Not Another Damn Lion !!!

Check out these beautiful pictures of African wildlife taken by a bunch of cool guys!

Go There Come Back

Day 15

Mpayathutlwa Camp to Mabuasehube Camp, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Botswana)

Distance : 30.3 km

A day of travel faces us once again – but only 15 km from our current camp site to our final site for this trip. The team now operates like a well oiled machine. Within an hour and a half we have the camp site looking like new – tents, kitchen, supplies, cooler boxes, fridges, personal gear, sleeping bags, tongs, braai grids, netting, tarpaulins, washing line, showers, chairs, water, fuel – all done and packed.

IMG_8149 Packed and ready to go

IMG_8150 Fires out and tap is off

IMG_8151 A couple of lazy wildebeest were the only inhabitants of the pan that morning

Trailers are hitched up, the coals extinguished and the rubbish placed in the bin and before you know it the team is on the move again.

We swung past the waterhole on the way to…

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