Weed was never my ‘drug of choice,’ and I only smoked it socially on occasion. Having had depression for almost two decades, I had tried and failed with antidepressants so I was open to other options. Someone whom I hung out with a lot smoked pretty often, and I ended up realizing that the nights I smoked I could fall asleep without any trouble. Nights of laying awake for hours thinking of every single person who has ever screwed me over were gone. And during the day I just generally felt better. Not only that, but it heightened my mind and all of my sensations, and soon I realized I could have outstanding orgasms because I could easily block out the negative and only focus on feeling good.

Marijuana has changed my life, and here you’ll find an updated list from oldest to newest of all of my weed-related posts.

‘Well, Hello There’


This is my first post ever, and a little introduction to who I am.



‘I Was Interviewed About Sex, Depression, and Cannabis by’


Within only two days of writing my first post on this blog, I was contacted by the editor at to do an interview. I humbly accepted and really enjoyed answering his questions. If you’ve ever been curious about how depression, masturbation, and marijuana go together, check out my interview.



‘Industry Spotlight:’


There are a ton of vape companies out there, but really caught my eye when I first started blogging. They’re a solid company that serves both the US and Canada; and after trying several of their products, I can’t find one that I don’t like.



‘Naughty November: 3 Prize Giveaway! Cannabis-Infused Lubricants by Bliss!’



Past giveaway for cannabis-infused lubricant by Bliss.



‘Review: Imag+ Vaporizer from Vaped’Imag



‘Vaped Giveaway: Imag+ & 9 Other Prizes’




‘Review: Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer from Vaped’





‘Vaped Giveaway: Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer & 9 Other Prizes’




‘Joining the Mile ‘High’ Club | Cumming in for a Landing – True Story’


After eating an edible and having a couple drinks on my flight, I got a bit randy and decided to have a little fun. Apparently I had an audience.



More posts will be added soon – if you want all cannabis-related posts right now, just click the “cannabis” tag on the right-hand toolbar. Thanks for stopping by!


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