My depression began when I was in fourth grade after I faced several tragedies. I carried on as best I could and was officially diagnosed with Dysthymia in college when I finally broke down and made an ’emergency appointment.’ Needless to say, depression has always been a part of my life and I imagine it always will be. The key to depression is not trying to end it, but learning to accept it and ease it to the best of your ability. Depression does not define you, you are in control.

The space below is an updated collection of every post on this blog related to depression, listed from oldest to newest.



‘Well, Hello There’


This is my first post ever, and a little introduction to who I am.


Flashback to the Future


I stumbled across an old poem I had written when I was a teenager. It brought back some pretty strong memories of my life and the years I’ve struggled with depression. This post talks about a history of my depression and how it has evolved over time.


I Have Officially Hit Rock Bottom

A pivotal moment in my life captured in only a few words.


I Was Interviewed About Sex, Depression, and Cannabis by


Within only two days of writing my first post on this blog, I was contacted by the editor at to do an interview. I humbly accepted and really enjoyed answering his questions. If you’ve ever been curious about how depression, masturbation, and marijuana go together, check out my interview.


The Storm Has Passed


We all get depressed, but it’s up to us to turn it around. I had been extremely depressed, and one convertible ride pulled me out of it.


Depression and Therapy: Does it Work?


I kept imagining what I’d say to my future therapist, so I figured it was time to make the appointment. But first I wondered – does therapy even work for people? What’s your experience?


Depression and Therapy: Making the Appointment


I heard stories from many wonderful people about their experiences with depression and therapy, and I knew it was something I had to do. After crying into my bong for the last time, I decided I needed to make the call.


How I Met a National Lampoon Screenwriter | Half-Loaded Review


Twitter is an incredible platform, you never know who you’ll meet there. It’s a bridge between ordinary and celebrity and I’ve been lucky to have met a few ‘stars’ already. One of them is the screenwriter for the cult-classic ‘National Lampoon: Loaded Weapon.’ But Hollywood isn’t all that it seems.


Fighting My Depression Using Predictive Maintenance | How to Survive


When you have depression, you must constantly monitor yourself for warning signs that you’re slipping into a hole. The manufacturing industry uses a term called ‘Predictive Maintenance’ to monitor machines so they’re able to avoid them breaking and causing further issues. I believe that mental health can use this very same principle.


Please Don’t Shoot Yourself in Front of Me


Have you ever ‘pretended’ to shoot yourself in the head with a fake finger gun? Let me tell you what you’re doing to me.

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