7 Ways to Cope With Your Partner’s Depression

Depression is difficult enough for those experiencing symptoms, but what about the people around us? Something with such force that can bring us to our knees on a whim surely must be powerful enough to affect others, right? As with many disorders and diseases, depression unfortunately has the ability to impact those we love the most.

Here are 7 ways to help them cope.

I’ve Begun Therapy Again – Third Time’s the Charm?

“Two years ago to the exact month, I felt my depression hitting hard and knew it was time to try it again. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of my personal brand of depression is a severe lack of motivation. Have you ever had one of those chores or errands you have to do that you simply keep pushing off for hours, days, or sometimes even weeks? Well, it took me..”

Surviving the Holidays with a Mental Illness Using Illustrations

“For some people, the holidays are pure torture. It’s not cheerful, merry, or anything to celebrate. It can be a time for heightened anxiety, fear, depression, solitude, and dread. To help people understand, a graphic designer named Emma Rose created illustrations adapted from interviews of real people living with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolar II.”

This Is Not Who I Am

It’s half past midnight, and here I sit alone. But I’m not alone; he’s sleeping right next to me, though he might as well be miles away. It’s gotten so bad that I nearly can’t function. Every day is a battle with myself, a battle I am sorely losing. I can’t work; I can’t play;Continue reading “This Is Not Who I Am”

First I Cried on the Pants, Then I Cried on the Dresses | My Depression Secret

“Ok. I’m about to get extremely open and honest with you. Ready? I’ve gone back and forth between being public about this and not, and after the last few minutes I’ve decided it’s time I talk for..”

A Message to Pulse Nightclub Victims & Families With Pink Floyd’s ‘Pulse’

“No one should ever have his or her life cut short by someone else’s hand; but in a case like this when it’s out of our control, all we can do is carry on the best we can and memorialize those we have lost. One of the things that has always helped me cope with adverse situations is…”

Video Games May Be Effective Treatment for Depression

“Portraying depression as something caused internally because of biological factors and providing a video game-based app for brain training made participants feel that they could do something to control their depression. This supports other research that shows that…”

Why I Smoke Marijuana, and What Happened After I Quit Recently

…” Imagine you have a migraine and will be judged for taking Ibuprofen; or that you have to make it through your entire work day without a coffee or people will whisper that you have an addiction…”