Your Quick Guide to Pride 2018

That colorful time of year is officially here - it's Pride Month. Here's your quick guide on what it is, where and when to celebrate, what the flags mean, tips for first-timers, consent, and brands who donate to the LGBTQIAPK community.

Do Monogamous Couples Have More Fun?

No matter if you're monogamous or not, you may have wondered at some point in time what it's like to be on the other side. Does sex eventually get boring in a monogamous relationship? Or is there nothing that can beat that singular connection?

7 Ways to Cope With Your Partner’s Depression

Depression is difficult enough for those experiencing symptoms, but what about the people around us? Something with such force that can bring us to our knees on a whim surely must be powerful enough to affect others, right? As with many disorders and diseases, depression unfortunately has the ability to impact those we love the most. Here are 7 ways to help them cope.


The month of February started off with a tragedy, which seems to have set off a chain reaction of bad luck for me. It was the worst month that I've had in years, decades even, and I found myself reeling all the way through March. However, when multiple doors slam shut, sometimes another one opens.

Lovehoney Flash Offer – Free $119.99 Wand Vibrator With Link

I was just notified by Lovehoney that they're having a ridiculous Flash Offer! They're giving away a free Tokidoki Unicorn Multi-speed Multi-color Massage Wand Vibrator (a $119.99 value) to everyone who spends $50 or more. The offer is available ONLY by using this link; it is not shown on their website. Cool, huh?

Valentine’s Day Discount Codes, Clearance, Shipping Deadlines + Free Gifts

"We've already spent most of our money on others over the past couple of months, so now is the time to reap the benefits of a bargain. I've checked out what my affiliates have going on for sales, and curated them all in one place for you. Below you'll find exclusive discount codes, tips on random ways to save money, student discounts, shipping deadlines, clearance items, etc. And don't forget that.."

Ophelia’s Best of 2017

"Every day I see or hear at least one person mentioning how 2017 has been extremely tough. Things have been pretty bananas this year, so I can't say that I blame them. Well, here's some good news - I made this roundup of my best posts of 2017 according to readers, just for you. The list has been compiled in case you missed something, or you feel like being nostalgic. Enjoy, and as always - THANK YOU FOR READING!"