If You Like My Blog, There’s Something You Can Do

Since 2013, the good folks over at Kinkly have scoured through the best of the best sex blogs in all of the Interwebs to come up with the Top Sex Blogging Superheroes all in one place. It’s that time again, and until Saturday 10/13/18, you can vote for your favorite sex blog(s) to be considered for Kinkly’s coveted Top 100 spots.

This is What an End of Life Party is Actually Like

Many of us have received a pastel-laden invitation in the mail requesting our presence (presents?) at a friend or colleague’s Baby Shower and never blinked an eye – it’s easy to imagine the desire to celebrate new life, right? But what about death? Can you imagine what your first thoughts would be if you opened up that envelope to reveal an End of Life Party invitation? I can’t say that I ever had either, until the day it became a reality.

7 Ways to Cope With Your Partner’s Depression

Depression is difficult enough for those experiencing symptoms, but what about the people around us? Something with such force that can bring us to our knees on a whim surely must be powerful enough to affect others, right? As with many disorders and diseases, depression unfortunately has the ability to impact those we love the most.

Here are 7 ways to help them cope.