I’m a DJ, musician, and science nerd who studied Public Health and Laboratory Science. I’ve had moderate to severe depression for most of my life, and I now use legal medicinal marijuana to help cope with it. When I began using it, I was hopeful that it would just alleviate some of the depression I feel, but I soon realized that my orgasms became stronger and more frequent when I combined masturbation and sex with marijuana. I learned how to give myself multiple orgasms, and even how to squirt. But none of these things would be possible without the life-changing sex toy products available to us. I just had no idea that it would all take me to another level of understanding myself. So whether you like learning new things, want to relate to someone, or are just looking for a hot read, I hope to give you a little bit of everything.

Follow me on Twitter @thoughtswdildo for new post alerts, or to just say high. 😉 If email is your thing, you can find me at thoughtswithdildo@gmail.com.

This is my story of self-exploration, transcendence, and some downright naughty details.


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  1. It’s really awesome to get to know you from this perspective. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and thank you for the sub ❤


  2. Hello
    Reading your thoughts about depression and the best orgasms you’ve had. Well it makes sense considering that the standard form of treatment for women with depression used to be inducing them to orgasm. It lead to the invention of the vibrator because therapists used to complain their hands were cramping up while inducing the woman into orgasm. Imagine in those days male therapists playing with women’s clitoris looking for a G spot until she reached orgasm.
    Nowadays meds are prescribed. As you’ve discovered having an orgasm will alleviate feelings of depression anytime.

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  3. Hey, thank you much for taking a moment to get into what I’ve posted. Comin’ from where I’ve been the title of your site might have made me say “Whoa”, but… That was before. My rotation in life has allowed for me to see what others have seen and accepting their light as one which shines too.

    One Luv, Much Luv
    The 22nd G


  4. Hey Ophelia- Thanks for stopping by The Fountain and liking my last post. How did you find me? Just curious as we seem to travel in different blog circles. I guess that’s what makes the internet so great. Cheers.


  5. A very heartfelt thank you/merci for liking my post on coping strategies! Might I just say it’s delightful to see such straightforward, body-positive content on your blog. I’m ace, so I find the reviews and such to be intellectually fascinating.
    Keep up the work–sending you positive vibes!


  6. Thanks for liking my FAQ. Depression runs in my family so I’m with you there, dear one. Not sure if shrooms are legal where you are, but I can recommend them to counteract depression. The trip is wild and the afterglow is amazing.

    Anyway, thanks again for the like. You’re in my thoughts.


  7. It was nice to see a new visitor to my blog (though i might have thought it wasn’t up your alley…so to speak.) I’m looking forward to seeing what yours is up to.

    By the way, what part of the world are you in?


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