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The Top 10 Myths About the Magic Wand Original and Rechargeable


The Magic Wand is nothing new to the sex toy world, and it has formed itself a great reputation as one of the BEST sex toys out there – but not all of the chatter is very ‘becumming.’ I believe that both the Magic Wand Original and Rechargeable are quality, sophisticated, and necessary products that don’t deserve unfounded rumors. Based on many questions my readers have privately asked me about the Wand and opinions I’ve seen oot and aboot on the Internet, I decided that there was just too much speculation and very little fact. So I’ve stepped into the (cock) ring and am prepared to battle the Top Ten Myths about the Magic Wand.

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Review: My Twisted #Orgasm from the ‘G-Twist’ by Good Vibrations

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With all of the drama that’s been going on around here, I swear I haven’t jerked off in ages. I kept thinking about it, and all it did was amp up my libido. I started getting wet just reading a recipe for compost tea for cannabis plants, so I figured I was well overdue to cum. I’ve been meaning to write a review for the G-Twist from Good Vibes and thought this would be a great opportunity. This is actually an improved, updated version from the old one whose battery compartment gave some users trouble.

Since I was getting wet over absolutely nothing, I figured I didn’t need porn but went for it anyway. I like porn. It gets me incredibly aroused, and I LOVE getting all worked up and then satisfying it. I saw a “Military Uniform”category on my second favorite porn site, and it caught my attention. I settled on this patriotic gem here and grabbed the G-Twist.

At about 9″ of total length, it offers 6″ of insertable goodness and 1.5″ of vagina-stuffing girth. (I don’t recommend it for anal, it doesn’t have a stopper!) It’s made of super soft, yet firm, silicone; comes in purple or magenta; and takes 4 AAA batteries to make it come to life. (Whoa – not like this.) It’s not flimsy, and it has a bit of weight to it. While it does emulate a bit of a dragon penis, it overall bears the usual trademarks of a vibrator with its realistic head, a couple bumps, and a bunch of ridges.


Much like I do when trying out new vaporizers, I started the G-Twist on the lowest setting by holding down one of three buttons; this one aptly designated by a ‘+’ sign. It’s very buzzy, but deep. My clit is in favor of buzzy.

Having ‘preheated the oven’ with that saucy tea recipe I was reading and the uniform porn, I was already feeling close to the edge with this vibe even being in the same zip code as my clit. If I allowed it, the very first setting would have gotten me off; but I had a job to do and I was going to do it, dammit. I pressed the inviting little ‘+’ again to bump it up a setting, but the experiment was about to be over before it began. I shut it off completely and decided to test out the ridges instead until I wasn’t so close to cumming.

RibbedI slowly penetrated myself with the G-Twist and discovered I really felt the individual ridges. (And not in the “ribbed for her pleasure” condom kind of way because you CANNOT feel that crap.) It’s definitely not lacking in girth; I feel that having it any thicker would be too much for some, and any thinner wouldn’t be as fulfilling.


Advertised as a “G-spot thriller” on Good Vibes, the tip is curved some to titillate the G-
. One of the bumps at the top end is allegedly a “clit ridge” but it sort of comes nowhere near my clit.   However, the ridge on the backside of the clit ridge is placed perfectly so your fingers get a nice, firm grip to whack off with. Since it’s rather flexible, I tried to bend it from inside of me to reach my clit with the special ridge. Turns out it was awkward and I was afraid it’d leap out and make that ‘pop!’ noise we used to make with our mouths and a finger as kids.

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Like this chick.

Now that my G-spot and I are on the same page, I feel I have a firm handle on what toys are good for it and I can make better toy recommendations. The G-Twist definitely pokes up against my G-spot, but it’s not as dramatic as when the Njoy Pure Wand locks into place and I see stars.

In bed on my back I thought, “This is nice,” but I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t experiment a bit. So I spun the thing around 180º and DAMN! A whole new sensation! Facing the ‘wrong’ way, the bend of the toy presses hard against the g-spot and keeps pressure on it as the vagina conforms to the new shape. Slowly sliding the G-Twist in and out feeling every ridge as they each snagged my vagina felt amazing without even having the vibrator turned on. I don’t think this is how they intended their product to be used, but that’s what experiments are for!

easyI knew this was the way I wanted to cum, but again I felt close and wouldn’t allow myself to finish before I tested all the features out. So I removed the toy from inside of me and went through the first few settings on my clit again. It has six levels of increasing intensity before pulsating patterns appear. Plus just for fun, there’s a big EASY button right on the top for when you’re ready for all it’s got. I like to think of this as the ‘nitro’ button – it gives you its buzziest, strongest, fastest vibration for as long as you hold down the button. Great for the finale, a fun surprise, or to shoo your cat away with.

There are a few pulsating patterns, and I urge you to NOT neglect them! When I was a young lass, I didn’t appreciate the patterns. I wanted HARD. STRONG. NOW. Which is great, but it’s always good to change things up. I’ve realized through extensive research masturbating high that you can feel all sorts of different sensations if you take the time to focus on them. Try clenching your pubococcygeus muscle (what you clench to stop urine flow and do Kegel exercises; and what contracts during orgasm in both sexes) in rhythm with the pattern, or maybe go off pattern, and see what happens.

I played around with the patterns a bit, teased myself with the ‘nitro’ button, and decided to wrap things up. After sliding it inside of me and turning it on to a low buzz, I twisted it around again until the bend of the vibe leaned its back against the wall of my g-spot and my breath caught. I rocked it back and forth, my g-spot tantalized by the firm silicone, and quickly I felt the orgasm sneak up on me again. This time free to enjoy it with my duties behind me, I sped the vibe up with a few hits of a button while gently massaging my g-spot. Within minutes I felt myself cumming; I hit the ‘nitro’ button, thrust my hips upward, and let out a satisfied cry. The thing did its job and a little bit more with my new ‘twist,’ judging by the shimmer of my cum left gleaming on the toy.


So for a pretty low price, the body being constructed completely of silicone (100% body-safe), and it being short enough so that you don’t have an awkward confrontation with the TSA when you fly, I think this is a great vibe. And the best part is – the thing is NEARLY SILENT. I feel ironic yelling that statement, but it is very important to me.

Sometimes when your parents are over, your partner fell asleep, you’re traveling, or you’re on an airplane, you NEED a quiet toy. With a fan on, I swear you cannot hear it running on the first couple speeds. If your partner is a medium-heavy sleeper and you have a job to do, you can use the first setting without disturbing them. Brilliant. Of course this does mean it’s not as powerful as the Magic Wand, for instance, but the wand is my favorite toy and if I can still get off on the first setting of the G-Twist – power is not a worry.

If you enjoy buzzy, deep, and strong, yet discrete orgasms, the G-Twist is definitely a good choice.



Quick Tech Specs

Included in the package is:

  • 1 G-Twist
  • User manual



  • Body-safe, soft silicone
  • Two colors to choose from – pink or magenta
  • Ridges that you can actually feel
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Very buzzy – even the lowest setting gets me off
  • Six increasing speeds, plus patterns
  • Thick girth, plenty of insertable length
  • Though the motor is toward the battery compartment end, the vibrations actually carry throughout to the head of the vibe
  • Though batteries can be annoying, I’ve used it several times and still haven’t changed my original batteries – but I always look forward to New Vibrator Battery Day



  • The ‘clit ridge’ doesn’t exactly line up with my particular clit which is a bummer, but I use this toy more for G-spot stimulation anyway


  • Definitely make use of the pulsating patterns! I didn’t have an appreciation for patterns until recently – but now I realize they keep me guessing and I like being teased.
  • SPIN IT AROUND – it’s described as a “G-spot thriller,” but I discovered that spinning it backward 180º so it’s facing the ‘wrong’ direction nestles the bend of the toy perfectly against the g-spot for direct pressure

The G-Twist seen with the discontinued X2 Orgasmatron by Orgasmatronics.


Does the G-Twist sound like something you’d like to try?

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Review: ‘Complete Solution’ from Chameleon Glass

As always, scroll down for the Quick Tech Specs!

If you like dabbing and also like smoking dry herb, it’s a real bitch to have to tote around two different rigs. That’s one reason why Chameleon Glass came up with the ‘Complete Solution.’ It’s a combination dab rig AND bubbler, so all you have to do is switch out the attachment when you want either combustion or atomization. Plus, it DISASSEMBLES for easy cleaning and traveling. I’d say it can’t get much more ‘complete’ than that.

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Review: The Silver Surfer Vaporizer from Vaped

As always, scroll down for the Quick Tech Specs!

I’ve tried several portable vaporizers in the past few years but I hadn’t yet encountered a desktop vape in my travels. We’ve all heard of the Volcano Vaporizer, but you don’t hear too much about any other brands of desktop vapes. I assure you, more exist. carries a great selection of both portable and desktop vaporizers, all of which have been researched thoroughly by Vaped and given their official stamp of approval. When they say they “live and breathe vaporizers,” they mean it – I haven’t found a vape from their website that I don’t like.

I’ve checked out the very user-friendly and chic Imag+, the multi-functional and never-dying Haze V3 Dual Chamber, the classy (and even vibrating!) Focusvape, and the dual-use Arizer Solo that can be used as a vape or for aromatherapy! All have been extremely quality, reasonably priced, and have not disappointed me. This time, I’ve been tasked with scrutinizing the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and I’m excited to share my findings!

Included in the package is:

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