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Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?

My depression began when I was nine years old after a series of traumatic events. I had always been a happy child who loved people, but everything seemed to change that year. I cried, I was sad, and I hung my head when I walked. I felt the change, and my parents saw it too. Depression started young for me, and while it comes and goes and mutates itself in hundreds of ways, I know it will probably always be a part of my life.

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Today’s Activity: Ophelia’s First Anniversary Bash Word Search!

Ophelia’s First Anniversary Bash Word Search!

You can print this blog page, copy and paste it into another program of your choice, print it from Word, or open it in Word and use the highlighting tool to play.

I just don’t recommend leaving it at your work printer for very long, because bills.

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Ask Ophelia: What Can I Do When I’m Depressed?


‘Ask Ophelia’ Question #1: What Can I Do When I’m Depressed?


Here’s What I Think:

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