Let’s Talk About Sex

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe

I was thinking the same thing. In this world of hate, terror, prejudice, and homeless kittens, we all need a little happiness in our lives once in a while. We can’t control how other people behave and we can’t control what happens to us, but what we can control is our body and how we use it. We were given this body to take care of and use to its full potential, but when we shame the idea of sex and masturbation – something that feels so right that it must be wrong, and so good that it must be bad – it’s given a negative stigma that stuffs it under the same category as drugs and alcohol.

But why can’t we look at the positive aspects of sex? What about emotional intimacy and social interaction with another human being, learning more about yourself and your body’s capabilities, and scientifically making positive physiological changes in the body? It saddens me to hear stories of people who were beaten and shamed as a child for exploring their bodies, or middle-aged people who have never experienced an orgasm because their religion made them feel guilty for wanting to feel pleasure.

Sex should be enjoyable, lighthearted, natural, and consensual. By being open and honest about my personal experiences, I hope to spread the word that sex is nothing more than sex.

Below is an updated list of every post of mine about sexuality, from oldest to newest.


“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”
― George Carlin

‘Well, Hello There’


This is my first post ever, and a little introduction to who I am.



‘The Day it Happened’


My husband won the Magic Wand Original in a contest and my life has, quite literally, never been the same since. I will never be without one again, and I wrote about how I got to know it.



‘I Was Interviewed About Sex, Depression, and Cannabis by Goodleaf.com’


Within only two days of writing my first post on this blog, I was contacted by the editor at Goodleaf.com to do an interview. I humbly accepted and really enjoyed answering his questions. If you’ve ever been curious about how depression, masturbation, and marijuana go together, check out my interview.


‘POLL: At what age did you first masturbate AND orgasm?’


I’m polling readers – when did you have your first orgasm through masturbation?



‘A “Clean Screen” is Like “New Vibrator Battery Day.”‘


If you’ve ever owned a battery-operated vibrator (or even a flashlight, I suppose), you know that you don’t notice the slow dulling of the motor (or bulb) over time until it has nearly died. You also don’t realize how clogged your screen has gotten in your smoking piece of choice until the thing is damn near unsmokable. Here I compare replacing the batteries with replacing the screen.


‘My Premier Erotica Narrative: Satellite’


My first posted erotica short story – if you thought there was nothing sexy about hiking, this tells another tale. Rock walls aren’t just for climbing.



‘So, How Often Do You Really Masturbate?’


I’m taking a poll – how often do you really masturbate? No one’s looking, you can tell me the truth.



‘POLL: What’s Your Favorite Lingerie for You or Your Partner?’


Do you or your partner wear lingerie? What style do you prefer – corsets, fishnets, thongs, something else?



‘POLL: Do You Prefer Natural Breasts or Augmentation?


Some people have a preference, but most people just love bewbs. What do you think?



‘POLL: Do You Masturbate When You’re Sick?


I’m surprised to see how often people admit to masturbating, so now I’m curious – do you take off your pants and jacket even when you’re sick?



‘I Just Shooed My Cat Away With a Vibrator


When your cat is on a diet and the future of your phone charging cord is at risk, pink silicone can certainly come in handy.



‘I’ve Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life.


The Njoy Pure Wand is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I went from being nervous to try a toy that looks like a weapon, to never leaving home without it.



Naughty November: 3 Prize Giveaway! Cannabis-Infused Lubricants by Bliss!


Past giveaway for cannabis-infused lubricant by Bliss.



‘A Sexy Holiday-Themed Photo Shoot | Sinful Sunday


Though hesitant at first, I got my best friend to participate in a sexy holiday photo shoot – enjoy!






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