Meet Molly

Chances are, you’ve already heard of her. But just in case you haven’t, I’ll go on.

She is beautiful, talented, supportive, and has a great ass. What more could you ask for? A blog where you can see all of the aforementioned? Fear not – she’s got that, too.

On Molly’s Daily Kiss you’ll find her projectsmemes she hostsphotography, and blog which is chock full of thoughts, quotes, stories, and delightfully naughty pictures. She’s always good for a laugh and she’s just fantastic with words. 

Among so many other things she does, Molly inherited the heavy task of assembling the Top 100 Sex Blogs list. That means you get to nominate any and all sex blogs you like by 11/1/18 by either commenting on her post, or emailing her. One by one, blogs will be scrutinized based on certain merits, then released to the world in a helpful list that will keep us all busy for the next year. Until she does it all over again.

Like my blog? Feel free to tell Molly about it! (Thank you!)

Molly’s also got a super neat husband, Michael, who is a tech master and all-around delightful human being. I know I appreciate his knowledge! 

Check out more of Molly, nominate your favorite sex bloggers, ask Michael your deepest and darkest SEO questions, or see what devilish things are going on for Sinful Sunday. You really can’t go wrong; Molly’s Daily Kiss will linger on your lips. 

Published by Ophelia ❤️

Hey! I'm Ophelia. You've just entered a safe space! Here, we talk about depression, sex, and cannabis openly and honestly without judgment. It's time we stop vilifying these natural subjects which have grown to become taboo. When depression is mislabeled as laziness, we encourage suicide. When sex is taught to be shameful, we promote rape culture. And when cannabis is prohibited, ailing people suffer without access, or worse, are jailed.​ I have a Bachelor of Science degree and have spent my adult life researching and experimenting with these topics. I've made it my mission to dispel myths by using science, and to give others hope by sharing my experiences.​ Lives are destroyed or lost when we choose to not talk about the difficult things. But we can do better. Start by Speaking Out on the Unspeakable! @FearlessOphelia

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