How Amazon Prime Helps My Depression | + Major Prime Day Deals On NOW

Amazon & Depression:

Amazon is hands-down my favorite place to shop for general items. The service is great, the quality is always good as long as you’re a careful shopper, and it’s an overall good shopping experience. However, Amazon goes a little bit deeper for me.

My depression gets pretty real sometimes, and it manifests itself in many ways. I have an incredibly difficult time getting motivated in the first place, and it’s rather painful for me to actually finish something once it miraculously gets started as well. The two-day Prime shipping has saved this procrastinator’s ass more times than I’d like to mention, so being able to order something basically last minute and have a fairy fly by and drop it at my doorstep is a precious gift for people like me.

Not only that, but the fact that the Magical Amazon Fairy drops said packages off on my doorstep WITHOUT ME SPEAKING TO A SINGLE PERSON damn near brings tears to my eyes. If you have depression or anxiety, you totally understand the fear or dread associated with interacting with other human beings, or worse, strangers. Or just from going out at all.

Being able to order something two days before you need it while drinking wine in your underwear, then seeing it take shape on your doorstep a mere 48 hours later (for free) is a force not to be reckoned with. And in 8,000 cities – you’re eligible for one-day and even SAME-DAY SHIPPING.

So if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, I highly suggest you form that relationship today to begin indulging in the stupid convenient perks that come with your membership. And don’t forget; a tiny, tiny portion of select sales made using my personal link goes to the structure of Ophelia’s, hosting giveaways, and other expenses. To use my link, please clear your cookies and click on any of the affiliate links on my site ( Thank you SO MUCH for your support.

Members receive:

  • 50% off Prime for college students (LOVE this, that’s how I got hooked!)
  • Free two-day shipping (one-day and same-day available in some cities)

  • Free release date shipping, no waiting in lines

  • Free household & essentials delivered in one or two HOURS in select cities

  • Free streaming or downloading of movies & shows

  • Free Twitch channel subscription

  • Free music, ad-free, over 2 million songs

  • Free award-winning Prime Originals series

  • Free Audible channels on the Audible app

  • Whole Foods savings, 5% back for Prime Rewards Visa cardholders, two hour delivery in select cities

  • Alexa voice shopping

  • Prime exclusive brands, member savings, early release

  • Prime members save 20% off both diapers and baby food with five or more subscriptions

  • Read over a thousand top Kindle books, magazines, short works, books with Audible narration, comics, children’s books and more

  • Each month, Prime members can download one of six editors’ picks for free, before the official publication date

  • Unlimited, free photo storage, view photos on the app at any time (UGH, I LOVE THIS TOO)

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals:

Here are today and tomorrow’s Prime Day Deals starting July 16 at 12pm PT/3pm ET and will run through July 17 at 11:59pm PT/2:59am ET…Finish Reading


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