If You Like My Blog, There’s Something You Can Do


Since 2013, the good folks over at Kinkly have scoured through the best of the best sex blogs in all of the Interwebs to come up with the Top Sex Blogging Superheroes all in one place.

It’s that time again, and starting Monday 10/8/18 until Saturday 10/13/18, you can vote for your favorite sex blog(s) to be considered for Kinkly’s coveted Top 100 spots. You can vote for multiple blogs if you’d like, and each blog that receives enough votes will be assessed accordingly by Kinkly.


With your help last year, Ophelia’s was named in Kinkly’s Top Ten Best New Blogs of 2017, and was ranked #58 in the overall Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes – not too shabby! Think we can do better this year? Vote now!

If you dig my blog and think it deserves recognition, you’re able to vote for it here for consideration. Thank you! The results will be announced by Kinkly on November 5, 2018.

If you have absolutely no idea what Kinkly is, what you’re voting for, or what the hell is going on – fear not as I have it all explained here.  As always, thank you, and Ophelia’s is nothing without you!



Published by Ophelia ❤️

Hey! I'm Ophelia. You've just entered a safe space! Here, we talk about depression, sex, and cannabis openly and honestly without judgment. It's time we stop vilifying these natural subjects which have grown to become taboo. When depression is mislabeled as laziness, we encourage suicide. When sex is taught to be shameful, we promote rape culture. And when cannabis is prohibited, ailing people suffer without access, or worse, are jailed.​ I have a Bachelor of Science degree and have spent my adult life researching and experimenting with these topics. I've made it my mission to dispel myths by using science, and to give others hope by sharing my experiences.​ Lives are destroyed or lost when we choose to not talk about the difficult things. But we can do better. Start by Speaking Out on the Unspeakable! @FearlessOphelia FearlessOphelia@gmail.com

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