My Chameleon Glass Specials + Discount Code

As you may have seen, I recently have been talking quite highly about Chameleon Glass. They are an awesome, family-owned glass company out of Arizona and I really dig their work. With artisan glass-blowers across the Northeast and Northwest, over 100 artists across 10 different states are sharing in the beautiful craftsmanship that is Chameleon Glass.

I have two reviews coming up for them; one on the Complete Solution, and one on my absolute favorite piece of theirs – the Ladies’ Choice.


If you’re looking for a new piece, and also like free stuff and saving money – it’s your lucky day.

Use my code OPHELIA to save 10% and buy yourself something fancy with your savings.


Then get a free medtainerChameleon Glass logo Med+tainer to grind your stash and keep it unmolested with any $50 purchase.



Chameleon Specials





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