7 Ways to Cope With Your Partner’s Depression

Depression is difficult enough for those experiencing symptoms, but what about the people around us? Something with such force that can bring us to our knees on a whim surely must be powerful enough to affect others, right? As with many disorders and diseases, depression unfortunately has the ability to impact those we love the most. Here are 7 ways to help them cope.


The month of February started off with a tragedy, which seems to have set off a chain reaction of bad luck for me. It was the worst month that I've had in years, decades even, and I found myself reeling all the way through March. However, when multiple doors slam shut, sometimes another one opens.

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Valentine’s Day Discount Codes, Clearance, Shipping Deadlines + Free Gifts

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Ophelia’s Best of 2017

"Every day I see or hear at least one person mentioning how 2017 has been extremely tough. Things have been pretty bananas this year, so I can't say that I blame them. Well, here's some good news - I made this roundup of my best posts of 2017 according to readers, just for you. The list has been compiled in case you missed something, or you feel like being nostalgic. Enjoy, and as always - THANK YOU FOR READING!"

Become Ophelia’s Darling & Make a Difference

"By becoming a Darling, not only will you snag some sweet exclusive rewards, you'll also be contributing to something much larger - a safe place where everyone can speak freely and anonymously about incredibly personal topics without judgment or repercussions. Mental health, intimacy, and marijuana are often considered to be taboo topics, and it's difficult to find websites with an honest discussion about them individually. So how rare is a blog that celebrates the blissful union of the three?"

I’ve Begun Therapy Again – Third Time’s the Charm?

"Two years ago to the exact month, I felt my depression hitting hard and knew it was time to try it again. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of my personal brand of depression is a severe lack of motivation. Have you ever had one of those chores or errands you have to do that you simply keep pushing off for hours, days, or sometimes even weeks? Well, it took me.."

Surviving the Holidays with a Mental Illness Using Illustrations

"For some people, the holidays are pure torture. It's not cheerful, merry, or anything to celebrate. It can be a time for heightened anxiety, fear, depression, solitude, and dread. To help people understand, a graphic designer named Emma Rose created illustrations adapted from interviews of real people living with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolar II."

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