New Poll: Does the Fear of Getting Caught Turn You On?

I’ve always heard about people who get turned on from potentially ‘getting caught’ while masturbating, having sex, or otherwise doing something frowned upon. Just thinking that the janitor may walk into the closet mid-fuck, or that the kids will be home from school at any minute is enough to make plenty of nipples hard.

Me? (more…)

Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?

My depression began when I was nine years old after a series of traumatic events. I had always been a happy child who loved people, but everything seemed to change that year. I cried, I was sad, and I hung my head when I walked. I felt the change, and my parents saw it too. Depression started young for me, and while it comes and goes and mutates itself in hundreds of ways, I know it will probably always be a part of my life.


POLL: Feedback – What Would You Like To Read From Me?


In just a month and a half, I’ve been lucky enough to gain almost 1,000 followers on both Twitter and WordPress. You guys really seem to get me, and I’ve been truly honored to hear your stories and have you open up to me. I know a lot of my topics are somewhat taboo in society still, but I’m trying to create a space where we all feel comfortable talking about the things that others may shun us for.

So without penalty or repercussion, I’d like to ask you to open up once more and tell me what you really want to read about and discuss in this space. I have a lot of diverse interests and experiences, and I’ve come up with a list of things that I’m passionate about. I’m curious what you find most interesting out of these topics, and you’re welcome to choose as many as you like! It’s something I’ll keep checking as time goes on to see if interest changes, so feel free to come back in a couple months if your feelings change!

Additionally, I’ve added a feedback form below in case there’s something else you’d like to suggest – whether it be a new category, a new post idea within an existing category, or just something you’d like to know about me! You don’t have to put your name or contact information in if you’d rather be anonymous. If I don’t already follow you on Twitter, feel free to add your handle and I’ll make sure I do.

As always – thanks for reading, and I appreciate you.