Review: Womanizer Pro40 from Good Vibes

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If you’ve never heard of or used a Womanizer, it’s actually a pretty interesting concept if you can get past the name. About zero people understand why they chose “Womanizer” as a brand, but let’s just go with it for now. Built specifically for the clit, this innovative little tool is nothing like your vibrator at home.


My First Anniversary Bash Is On

It’s halfway through the month, and we’re only days away from Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Those of you in warmer climates haven’t been too affected; but the poor bastards (like me) who just had to dig our way out of Storm Stella in the Midwest and Eastern U.S. have just about had enough. We all need a little something to look forward to right now, so I figured it’s a great time to get my Anniversary Bash going.

Below is the Calendar of Carousal followed by (more…)

Cyber Week Deals From My Affiliates | Ophelia’s Discount Code


When you’re all done buying your Tupperware, vacuums, and video games for the kids on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t forget to take a minute and think about yourself for once. When was the last time you splurged and bought yourself a new sex toy or smoking accessory?

My affiliates are having some pretty sweet deals right now for Cyber Week, so I thought I’d share them with you!

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I’ve Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life.


As a woman, I must say that while we hear a lot about “clitoral orgasms” and “G-spot orgasms,” it isn’t always clear which one is which while it’s actually happening. Though there is no proven scientific evidence yet that it truly exists, the G-spot was named after German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, and it is the supposed area that contributes to deep orgasms, and even possibly female ejaculation. I haven’t exactly spent any concentrated time performing the scientific method on myself either, but I’ve always known that I prefer “the dick kind” of orgasm as opposed to what I can do with a vibrator on my clit. By way of deduction, I surmised that “the dick kind” probably is the infamous “G-spot orgasm” that everyone talks about, I just didn’t have it nailed down yet.

Diagram of The Fabled G-Spot

We received a new toy recently as a gift that I’ve been meaning to give a go, so I decided Monday was as good a day as any. So I reached under the bed for the box, opened it, and removed the contents. The Njoy Pure Wand is a stainless steel, double-ended dildo, and it comes in a stunning, durable storage box with a satin lining. Even being about 65°F in the bedroom, the dildo was still pretty frigid and cool to the touch. This may sound terrible to some, but I love using cold elements like frozen popsicles and ice during sex, so I couldn’t wait to see how it would feel.

I got comfortable in bed, opened up my laptop, logged into my account on my favorite porn site, and began searching for something good to watch. I really love working myself up and taking my time, so I smoked while I watched a few videos, listened to some chill EDM, and slowly stroked my inner thighs. I moved my fingers from my inner thighs to the outer lips of my pussy, teasing myself while I watched a blonde on her knees sucking 5 cocks in a circle around her. I’m not usually interested in watching blow jobs themselves, but I really love penises, and she got to play with five – it was hot.

I guess she likes popsicles, too…