Ophelia’s First Anniversary Bash – Giveaways, Reviews, Activities, and Stray Llamas

Thoughts With a Dildo in Hand has existed in my mind for a couple of years now, and I finally released it to the world just over one year ago. For my first anniversary, I’m throwing a month-long virtual bash in your honor. After all – I’d just be talking to myself if I didn’t have my faithful readers.

So, thank you.

To celebrate, I’ll be reviewing some awesome products and giving away a bunch more. I’ll be sharing personal stories of other ‘firsts’ I’ve had, and have other fun things to do too. There will also be llamas.


Chameleon Glass ‘Ladies’ Choice’ Review + 10% Off Code

I introduced you to Chameleon Glass a while back when I hosted the McCoy Oilers Reynolds Rig Giveaway. The piece that stood out to me most from their extensive collection is by far the ‘Ladies’ Choice’ for its elegance and sleek design. Pink and black happen to be my favorite combination too, and together they make this rig look extremely classy.



New Giveaway – Ultra Low Drag Dab Rig/Bubbler by Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass and I have been following each other on Twitter for quite a while now, and their glasswork is absolutely beautiful. We have some mutual Twitter followers, so it seemed like a natural fit to work together. They’ve sent me their Complete Solution to try out, and I’ll be telling you all about it later this month! So far, I’m definitely impressed.

We decided we’d like to do a giveaway, so Chameleon Glass was awesome enough to volunteer one of their own pieces – the ‘Reynolds’ Ultra Low Drag Rig from their exclusive McCoy Oilers rig line. It’s a crafted dab rig, but they’re including both the dab nail and the flower attachment for dry herb so you can experience both! Not only does it look pretty neat, it’s also built from SCIENCE!



February 10 Prize Giveaway | Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer


After reviewing and loving the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer here, the owner at Vaped.com decided he’d like to give one away to my awesome readers. I love that it has two chambers that you can load up separately with dry herb, wax, concentrates, liquid, or one of each. The extra battery always comes in handy in an emergency when the battery dies ‘in action,’ so you’ll never be stuck with a dead vape.

This is a pretty sweet giveaway – the vape is worth $250, and there are 10 total prizes. That’s so 9 extra people aren’t sad that they didn’t win the Haze V3. 🙂


Only 2 Days Left to Enter My 10 Prize Vaporizer Giveaway! | 10% off Vaped.com & Vaped.ca


Make the holidays a little brighter by winning yourself a new Imag+ Vaporizer, a fancy pants Vaped.com tshirt, or a new grinder for all your grinding needs. Check out my review of the Imag+ here; I loved it and you will too!

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Naughty November: 3 Prize Giveaway! Cannabis-Infused Lubricants by Bliss!


I’ve partnered up with Bliss to bring you cannabis-infused lubricant! We’re giving away 3 prizes, and perhaps one of them could be yours… 😉 I’ll be reviewing this product as soon as I try it!


Full contest rules are listed in the competition, and it ends on November 24, 2015 at 2:59am. (Midnight 11/23 for the west coast.) Check out the link below to enter! Best of luck, loves!

Naughty November: 3 Prize Giveaway! Cannabis-Infused Lubricants by Bliss!

Have you used cannabis-infused products before? How do you feel about trying this one out?