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First of all, I always recommend saving money where you can. There are different sales almost daily; it’s good to set yourself a reminder to check them out frequently.

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Secondly, there are toys I’ve discovered that have completely changed my life. I know this may sound dramatic, but I couldn’t be more serious. Some toys add a little something extra, but some toys do things that absolutely blow your mind. Below is an ongoing list of my absolute must-have, you-cannot-live-without, life-altering sex toys that I highly recommend you give a whirl:


The Magic Wand Original


The Magic Wand Original is my favorite toy on the planet. This thing has the ability to give me about 5 orgasms in one minute, or even 15 orgasms a session if I choose. Seriously. I never understood how women are able to have ‘multiple orgasms’ until I met this device. Holy crap, it exists. I wrote all about the day I discovered it.

I will never be without one in my life, and I have no idea how I haven’t worn it out yet. I’ve even heard from men about how much they love it! If you want to have the most orgasms (and most intense!) you’ve ever had in your entire life, this is the Magic Wand Original, or go cordless with the rechargeable Magic Wand.


Njoy Pure Wand

Ripley Falls, NH

I confess that I was terrified at the thought of a stainless steel dildo, but it’s rated as one of the best toys out there for G-spot stimulation and squirting. It sounded like a horrible idea – why would I want something that could double as a weapon inside me? This question and a couple others were answered the moment I had the Njoy Pure Wand between my legs. I wrote about my experience with it in detail. Spoiler alert – I had the best two orgasms of my entire life the first time I used the wand. I intend on writing a guide about some tips and tricks to using it, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out the Njoy Pure Wand and begin your own experimentation!

Those are the top 2 items in my Toy Chest right now, I’ll keep you updated if I run into any other products I just can’t live without!

Do you have either of these? What do you think?

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