Sex Product Reviews

Before placing anything inside you, you really oughtta know where it’s been. Or at least if it’s any good. That’s where I come in. I bravely insert, strap on, and parade around in all sorts of things to find the ultimate sex toys so you don’t have to.

Here’s a current list of all of my sex-related reviews:


‘The Day it Happened’


My husband won the Magic Wand Original in a contest and my life has, quite literally, never been the same since. I will never be without one again, and I wrote about how I got to know it.



‘I’ve Just Had the Best Two Orgasms of My Entire Life.


The Njoy Pure Wand is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I went from being nervous to try a toy that looks like a weapon, to never leaving home without it.



‘How I Taught Myself to Squirt Like a Porn Star with Sheets of San Francisco and the Njoy Pure Wand’


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to squirt or already do, the biggest problem is having a comfortable, clean place to do it because it’s messy. Having to use the shower, ruin your mattress, or use a tarp is really not ideal, and no amount of towels stops liquid from seeping through. That’s why I fell in love with Sheets of San Francisco. FREEDOOOOOM!


‘How Niagara Falls Feels Against Your Clit’


With hectic lifestyles filled with giving rides, the kids and 10 of their friends running amok, and the phone ringing every 15 minutes, sometimes the only ‘alone time’ you get is in the shower. While you’re in there, why not have an Earth-shattering, mind-altering, useless knees orgasm while you’re at it? KlittraJet can discretely give you that and more.


‘Playing with Porn, Not Watching It’


Like vintage-era smut, big bushes, and finger-banging? Porn: The Game not only keeps you entertained, but titillates the genitals while you’re at it. Don’t forget the Extreme Drunkard expansion pack for even more hilarity.


Review Cumming Soon:

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