I’m a DJ, musician, and science nerd who studied Public Health and Laboratory Science. I’ve had moderate to severe depression for most of my life, and I now use legal medicinal marijuana to help cope with it.

When I began using it, I was hopeful that it would just alleviate some of the depression I feel, but I soon realized that my orgasms became stronger and more frequent when I combined masturbation and sex with marijuana. I learned how to give myself multiple orgasms, and even how to squirt. But none of these things would be possible without the life-changing sex toy products available to us. I just had no idea that it would all take me to another level of understanding myself. So whether you like learning new things, want to relate to someone, or are just looking for a hot read, I hope to give you a little bit of everything.

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This is my story of self-exploration, transcendence, and some downright naughty details.

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One of the best parts of having my own site is meeting a ton of different people. Many of those people have told me that I’ve touched their lives, and that’s what makes it all worth it for me. Depression has occasionally caused me to question the meaning of my own life, so knowing that I’m helping others helps me in a way too.

Since the inception, I’ve inspired characters in stories, been interviewed, and even had sonnets written about me – and I’m flattered each time.

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My depression began when I was in fourth grade after I faced several tragedies. I carried on as best I could and was officially diagnosed with Dysthymia in college when I finally broke down and made an ’emergency appointment.’ Needless to say, depression has always been a part of my life and I imagine it always will be. The key to depression is not trying to end it, but learning to accept it and ease it to the best of your ability. Depression does not define you, you are in control.


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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe

I was thinking the same thing. In this world of hate, terror, prejudice, and homeless kittens, we all need a little happiness in our lives once in a while. We can’t control how other people behave and we can’t control what happens to us, but what we can control is our body and how we use it. We were given this body to take care of and use to its full potential, but when we shame the idea of sex and masturbation – something that feels so right that it must be wrong, and so good that it must be bad – it’s given a negative stigma that stuffs it under the same category as drugs and alcohol.

But why can’t we look at the positive aspects of sex? What about emotional intimacy and social interaction with another human being, learning more about yourself and your body’s capabilities, and scientifically making positive physiological changes in the body? It saddens me to hear stories of people who were beaten and shamed as a child for exploring their bodies, or middle-aged people who have never experienced an orgasm because their religion made them feel guilty for wanting to feel pleasure.

Sex should be enjoyable, lighthearted, natural, and consensual. By being open and honest about my personal experiences, I hope to spread the word that sex is nothing more than sex.

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”
― George Carlin






Weed was never my ‘drug of choice,’ and I only smoked it socially on occasion. Having had depression for almost two decades, I had tried and failed with antidepressants so I was open to other options. Someone whom I hung out with a lot smoked pretty often, and I ended up realizing that the nights I smoked I could fall asleep without any trouble. Nights of laying awake for hours thinking of every single person who has ever screwed me over were gone. And during the day I just generally felt better. Not only that, but it heightened my mind and all of my sensations, and soon I realized I could have outstanding orgasms because I could easily block out the negative and only focus on feeling good.


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Ophelia’s Tool Box

We all have our favorite gadgets – you may have one that makes life easier, one that makes you squeal, or the first one you ever got that you just can’t throw away. I’m a firm believer that you must have the “right tool for the job,” and this comes from someone who once spent an hour and a half under her car trying to take off just one starter bolt without a power tool.

Social media benefits us in many ways, and one benefit is sharing ideas and experiences. We may have our preferred implements – but The Perfect Thingy is out there and we may never know about it unless we talk to each other.

So here are a few favorites from my tool box.




Njoy Pure Wand
Magic Wand Original
Sheets of San Francisco
Arizer Air
Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro


Chameleon Glass Ladies’ Choice




Haze V3 Dual Chamber

Silver Surfer


Womanizer Pro40
Chameleon Glass Wake ‘n Bake Mug

Arizer Solo



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