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Past KlittraJet Giveaway


The erotic shower and bath system.

Enter to Win a KlittraJet Shower and Bath Set!



Past Chameleon Glass Giveaway:


I got together with Chameleon Glass to bring you their exclusive ‘Reynolds’ Ultra Low Drag Dab Rig with both a domeless nail and a dry herb attachment for the best of both worlds!

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Past KlittraJet Erotic Shower Kit Giveaway


If you’ve ever wondered what Niagara Falls feels like against your clit (or anywhere else), now is your opportunity to find out. KlittraJet has come up with an innocuous looking handheld shower and bath system that feels akin to champagne exploding against your genitals.

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Past Haze V3 Vaporizer Giveaway from Vaped:


After the success of the last giveaway of the Imag+, we decided to do another one and have brought you a Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer of your choice for this giveaway. I thought the Haze V3 was awesome and super versatile, I think you’ll love it too! 10 prizes in this one also!

Win the Haze V3 Here


Past 10 Prize Dirty December Giveaway from Vaped:

Imag3 is giving away the Imag+ Ceramic Vaporizer like the one I reviewed and absolutely loved here. They’re also giving away 9 additional prizes!

Enter to win 1 of 10 prizes here!



Past Naughty November Giveaway:


Cannabis-infused lubricant by Bliss!

Win Yourself Some Cannabis Lube!