What Depression Means to Us


Depression is an amoeba that morphs from complete darkness on some days to sheer euphoria on others when you find your way out. There’s no obvious explanation for it, no physical or visible injury, and it’s nearly impossible to explain to those who haven’t experienced it – it’s enough to make a person feel mad.

Depression can’t be narrowed down to one feeling, one thought, or one experience. It can attempt to be explained, but words don’t always represent exactly what we feel. So I asked the world to show me depression through their eyes.

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Here’s a compilation of submissions from people all over the world expressing what depression means to them:







Depression means about a thousand things to me, but one thing has been with me since I was a teenager. My favorite Metallica song is No Leaf Clover and I really connected with the lyrics when I started listening to them in middle and high school. The most powerful line to me is:

Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
Is just a freight train coming your way

really felt like this described my life when I first heard the lyrics. I struggled with depression a lot growing up and I still do on occasion. I feel like I’m constantly looking for a source of light in my life; something to pull me out of the darkness when I’m in it.

Unfortunately, when I feel like things are looking a little brighter and I follow the light, very often I realize that the light is short-lived because it’s actually a freight train coming at me and something bad happens to me. It has taken me about a decade (and a lot of marijuana) to realize it, but I’ve figured out:

Even though I’ve been hit by a freight train, I know it will eventually pass as it continues down the tracks, and there will be light again.















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