Your Quick Guide to Pride 2018

That colorful time of year is officially here - it's Pride Month. Here's your quick guide on what it is, where and when to celebrate, what the flags mean, tips for first-timers, consent, and brands who donate to the LGBTQIAPK community.

Do Monogamous Couples Have More Fun?

No matter if you're monogamous or not, you may have wondered at some point in time what it's like to be on the other side. Does sex eventually get boring in a monogamous relationship? Or is there nothing that can beat that singular connection?


The month of February started off with a tragedy, which seems to have set off a chain reaction of bad luck for me. It was the worst month that I've had in years, decades even, and I found myself reeling all the way through March. However, when multiple doors slam shut, sometimes another one opens.

Lovehoney Flash Offer – Free $119.99 Wand Vibrator With Link

I was just notified by Lovehoney that they're having a ridiculous Flash Offer! They're giving away a free Tokidoki Unicorn Multi-speed Multi-color Massage Wand Vibrator (a $119.99 value) to everyone who spends $50 or more. The offer is available ONLY by using this link; it is not shown on their website. Cool, huh?

All of My Black Friday Affiliate Codes and Deals in One Place

"But no matter if you're making purchases for yourself or the next coolest person you know, we all want to save money if we can - and Black Friday is one of the best opportunities to do that. So, to make your life easier, I decided to compile my affiliates' Black Friday deals all in one place!

My First Three-Way: A Gay Man, a Stranger, and Multiple Orgasms

"...took the rest of his clothes off. He flipped me over onto my knees, then knelt behind me and caressed every curve of my tits, hips, and ass. I heard a condom being ripped open and my nipples hardened because I knew I was about to get fucked by a stranger. He found it incredibly hot to watch us having sex, so I gripped the back of the couch and took the cock that was given to me..."