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7 Ways to Cope With Your Partner’s Depression

Depression is difficult enough for those experiencing symptoms, but what about the people around us? Something with such force that can bring us to our knees on a whim surely must be powerful enough to affect others, right? As with many disorders and diseases, depression unfortunately has the ability to impact those we love the most.

Here are 7 ways to help them cope.

Valentine’s Day Discount Codes, Clearance, Shipping Deadlines + Free Gifts

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Current Cyber Monday Codes & Deals – Many End Tonight!

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It’s After Midnight – Here Are Today’s Black Friday Sales & Discount Codes

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If You Like My Blog, There’s Something You Can Do..

Since 2013, the good folks over at Kinkly have scoured through the best of the best sex blogs in all of the Interwebs to come up with

My First Time: I Kissed a Girl Who is a Guy

“I made my way past her ribs and down her stomach, then took her jeans off. In her bra and panties she sat up and gently pushed me onto my back to do the same to me. With both of us stripped we kissed and touched each other…”

My First Anniversary Bash Is On

“Below is the Calendar of Carousal followed by descriptions of the events. Extra activities and giveaways will be added along the way, so subscribe or check back frequently to be notified of…”

15 Songs I Listen to When I’m Depressed – and Not One is About Sunshine.

“You can find them all individually below with a description of each song and what it means to me, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and play them all in a playlist..”

So, My Therapist Broke Up With Me

“I decided then that there would be no more unexplained crying into my bong allowed, and that it’s time I get serious about attempting therapy. I understand most of what’s wrong with me, I just need some…”

Giveaway # 1: The Pot Pocket – 6 Prizes!

“We’ve all had that Cheech and Chong moment where we’ve gone to look for that joint we may or may not have forgotten about in our pocket, and it comes out looking like a used straw wrapper that Bigfoot sat on.”

Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?

My depression began when I was nine years old after a series of traumatic events. I had always been a happy child who loved people, but everything seemed to change that year. I cried, I was sad, and I hung my head when I walked. I felt the change, and my parents saw it too.Continue reading “Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?”

What’s Your Depression Story? | Your Story, Photo, Poem, Video Published

“I’ll be accepting any type of submission you can think of that tells your story, or even a part of it. Perhaps a picture that encompasses your depression or a certain period in your life, a written story, a homemade video…”

Ask Ophelia: What Can I Do When I’m Depressed?

“… I believe that something I call “Mental Health Predictive Maintenance” is extremely important for easing and preventing depression…