Become Ophelia’s Darling

In order to create change, like-minded people must band together. You wouldn’t be here unless something about me resonates with you, so we’ve already found some common ground. I’ve been chugging along on my own since the beginning of this blog, but I’ve decided to open it up to my community.

Now you can make a difference as Ophelia’s Darlings.

By becoming a Darling, not only will you snag some sweet exclusive rewards, you’ll also be contributing to something much larger – a safe place where everyone can speak freely and anonymously about incredibly personal topics without judgment or repercussions. Mental health, intimacy, and marijuana are often considered to be taboo topics, and it’s difficult  to find websites with an honest discussion about them individually. So how rare is a blog that celebrates the blissful union of the three? They are so intertwined that it’s about time someone stands up and dares to speak about the unspeakable. I am that person.


When you’re a Darling, you become a…Read More

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