New Affiliate Announcement

There are a ton of great companies out there, but there are also a lot of crap companies who scam people or just sort of suck. When I choose to buy from or work with a new company, the biggest things I look out for are: quality of products, safety of products, reviews, customer service, ease of shopping, and company reputation.

I’ve written several reviews for a variety of great companies, and I’ve even joined up with a few of them as an affiliate. This puts me in somewhat of a ‘spokesperson’ capacity for these brands, so I always make sure that I vet what I put my name on. Some of my current affiliations include: Lovehoney, Amazon, Good Vibrations Toys, Smokazon, The Nooky Box, and more. (And if you clear your cookies and use these links when you make purchases, your contribution goes directly toward the making of this website – thank you!)

It is now my pleasure to announce my latest affiliation:


Because who doesn’t love a Pleasure Boutique?

They sell pleasure toys, bath & body products, bondage & fetish gear, lingerie & body jewelry, movies, books, & games, gift certificates, and exclusive SheVibe gear! Here are some cool highlights about SheVibe:

    • AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING ARTWORK (Not just graphics, but actual art made by an actual talent-wielding human, comic book/superhero style.)
    • Competitive pricing
    • Use of vernacular such as “For the Penis,” and not closed-minded pigeonholing practices like “For Men” and “For Women.” I HATE HATE HATE when companies do this – they do realize that not all people with a penis are men, and not all people with a vagina are women by now, right?
    • They always have lots of stuff on DEEP discount!
    • Free shipping in the US over $75
    • Clear return policy
    • Quality, safe products

I’ve always liked SheVibe, so I’m stoked to now be affiliated with them. Feel free to check them out here (even if just for the art!), and be sure to let me know about any experiences you have with SheVibe!


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