Ophelia’s Best of 2017

Every day I see or hear at least one person mentioning how 2017 has been extremely tough. Things have been pretty bananas this year, so I can’t say that I blame them. Well, here’s some good news – I made this roundup of my best posts of 2017 according to readers, just for you. The list has been compiled in case you missed something, or you feel like being nostalgic. Enjoy, and as always –




Become Ophelia’s Darling & Make a Difference


“By becoming a Darling, not only will you snag some sweet exclusive rewards, you’ll also be contributing to something much larger – a safe place where everyone can speak freely and anonymously about incredibly personal topics without judgment or repercussions. Mental health, intimacy, and marijuana are often considered to be taboo topics, and it’s difficult to find websites with an honest discussion about them individually. So how rare is a blog that celebrates the blissful union of the three?”…Go To Post



15 Songs I Listen to When I’m Depressed – and Not One is About Sunshine


“You can find them all individually below with a description of each song and what it means to me, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and play them all in a playlist..”…Go To Post



My First Time: I Kissed a Girl Who is a Guy


“I made my way past her ribs and down her stomach, then took her jeans off. In her bra and panties she sat up and gently pushed me onto my back to do the same to me. With both of us stripped we kissed and touched each other…”…Go To Post



Review: Womanizer Pro40 from Good Vibes


“It’s a unique feeling, that’s for sure. The best comparison I can think of is the feeling of someone rapidly fluttering their tongue against your clit. Like a sputtering vacuum. Like someone making popcorn around your clit…”…Go To Post



I Can Tell the Depression is Gone by the Jukebox in My Head


“…somehow, I’ve also got a jukebox in my head. It’s a very cerebral and subconscious thing for me, but…”…Go To Post



My First Blow Jobs: In the Theater; As Someone Watched


“…there I was in the dark wing of my high school theater blowing my friend as someone else sat next to us watching…”…Go To Post



Why I Smoke Marijuana, and What Happened After I Quit Recently


” Imagine you have a migraine and will be judged for taking Ibuprofen; or that you have to make it through your entire work day without a coffee or people will whisper that you have an addiction…”…Go To Post



My First Three-Way: A Gay Man, a Stranger, and Multiple Orgasms


“…took the rest of his clothes off. He flipped me over onto my knees, then knelt behind me and caressed every curve of my tits, hips, and ass. I heard a condom being ripped open and my nipples hardened because I knew I was about to get fucked by a stranger. He found it incredibly hot to watch us having sex, so I gripped the back of the couch and took the cock that was given to me…”…Go To Post



Industry Expert Guest Blog: Nurse Mary J with 5 Steps to Cannabis Advocacy


“While polls indicate that over 60% of Americans would like to see Cannabis legalized, there is still a great deal of fear and discomfort discussing the subject publicly… and for good reason! In 2017, there are STILL thousands of people each year…”…Go To Post



A Message to Pulse Nightclub Victims & Families With Pink Floyd’s ‘Pulse’


“No one should ever have his or her life cut short by someone else’s hand; but in a case like this when it’s out of our control, all we can do is carry on the best we can and memorialize those we have lost. One of the things that has always helped me cope with adverse situations is…”…Go To Post



True Story Series: Squirting Adventure on the Beach


“Lying on his back on the sand with his head cocked toward me, I sit in a chair in front of him and spread my legs. With a towel draped high across my lap in case I need it, I start to slowly rub my inner thighs while he watches. I make a ‘V’ shape with my fingers and work my way up my..”…Go To Post



My Squirting Tell-All Guest Post on SwingTowns’ Blog


“..I got plenty of towels under me, used the recommended Njoy Pure Wand and Magic Wand and released as many inhibitions as I could while waiting anxiously for the result as I came..”…Go To Post



I’m Going to Tell You a Secret About Me


“None of my friends know this, but I..”…Go To Post



Something or Nothing


My first poem about depression in over a decade…Go To Post



First I Cried on the Pants, Then I Cried on the Dresses | My Depression Secret


“Ok. I’m about to get extremely open and honest with you. Ready? I’ve gone back and forth between being public about this and not, and after the last few minutes I’ve decided it’s time I talk for..”…Go To Post



Here’s How Fucked Up My Heart Is

Love Red Valentine's Day Heart Broken Heart

“I can’t explain why I was so affected, but it’s a perfect example of the person I am. I’d never even met the turkeys..”…Go To Post



This Is Not Who I Am


“It grabs me by the wrists and yanks me down as I beg and plead for it to stop.

But it doesn’t stop.

Some days it crushes my soul until I collapse to the floor from absolute exhaustion.

I clutch my chest in the fetal position, but I can never quite curl up small enough to stop existing.”…Go To Post



It Happened to #MeToo. Twice.

“Suddenly I felt the weight of his body on top of me. It was then that I realized he had begun having sex with me..”…Go To Post



New Affiliate Announcement


“..so I always make sure that I vet what I put my name on. Some of my current partnerships include: Amazon, Good Vibrations Toys, Smokazon, The Nooky Box, and more. It is now my pleasure to announce my latest affiliation..”…Go To Post



I’ve Begun Therapy Again – Third Time’s the Charm?


“Two years ago to the exact month, I felt my depression hitting hard and knew it was time to try it again. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of my personal brand of depression is a severe lack of motivation. Have you ever had one of those chores or errands you have to do that you simply keep pushing off for hours, days, or sometimes even weeks? Well, it took me..”…Go To Post








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