Something or Nothing

Suddenly it’s ‘one of those days,’

my heart begins to ache.

No longer cannot I fight it off,

soon it just might break.


Something or nothing,

that’s how it starts.

Something or nothing,

can just tear me apart.


I lie down in bed,

knees tucked to my chest.

I hide under the sheet,

though I need no rest.


The tears come in floods,

I can’t hold them back.

The depression is strong,

it has come to attack.


I hug myself tightly,

wishing to disappear.

Nothing matters now,

I have no fear.


I whimper softly,

waiting for it to go.

It always passes,

this much I know.


‘Til then I hold tight,

and continue to cry.

Something or nothing,

I’ll still want to die.


Once the poison has passed,

I begin to feel free.

With my shackles removed,

I can try to be me.



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