Win A Pot Pocket Joint Holder TOMORROW – Submit Your Fave Smoke Spot Picture Contest

Some smoking spots are undeniably better than others. Whether it’s because of the view, music, company, or memories, I think we all have a spot or two that we enjoy smoking at above all others. I have one in particular in mind for myself, but I want to see what yours is.


In exchange, the winner will receive a free Pot Pocket wooden joint case. In addition to my 6 Prize Pot Pocket giveaway, this is another chance to win one. All you have to do is tweet, Facebook, or email me a picture of your favorite smoking spot to be considered. I will choose the winner based on no particular criteria because your favorite spot can be and mean anything to you – I wouldn’t set rules on that. I’ll pick the one that speaks to me most, and you’ll have yourself a brand new Pot Pocket in the mail so you’ll never squish a joint again.


Personally, my favorite smoking spot is from when I went on a road trip across the breathtaking state of Colorado. We pulled off of the road just after we exited a tiny town, and saw that there was a giant rock formation that you can hike to the top of. After I reached the top I saw that there were panoramic views of the Rockies all around us. It was easily one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen, so I decided to spark up and really enjoy it.




Your submission doesn’t have to be nature-related; perhaps it’s a closet you’ve découpaged with Elvis pictures, who knows? 

Starting now until midnight PDT tomorrow 4/13/17, submit one entry per person WITH ‘#OpheliasBash’ and ‘@thoughtswdildo’ included to:





Thank you, and good luck!

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