Science Shows Trans People Aren’t Faking It

Think that being trans is a mental illness? Science is saying otherwise.

“…not everyone is convinced being trans is a thing. Just look at the YouTube comment section on any video about trans stuff, and you’ll see the same bad arguments: “I identify as a tree, so I must be a tree!” “Penis = boy, vagina = girl, get over it!” “You can cut your dick off, but you still have XY chromosomes, so you’ll always be a man!” It’s ironic that transphobes try to use science to back up their claims because science actually shows the opposite: there is a scientific basis for gender identity, but it’s not what’s in your pants.

The most recent study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2014. In this study, researchers from the Medical University of Vienna used diffusion-based magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) brain scans on both cisgender (non-transgender) and transgender men and women to compare the neurological differences between the subjects. The study concludes, “The results of this study show that…”


Read the full article about the studies.



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