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The Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro from Vaped is a compact, rectangular-shaped, lightweight vape with several temperature settings that can fit right into your pocket. It’s a little more updated than some vapes because it has a digital display that shows the temperature setting and battery consumption. It has a glass mouthpiece that cools the vapor as you inhale it, and also includes a water pipe adapter if you’d like to attach it to your bubbler for an even cleaner pull – I’ve never seen that before.


It has a temperature range of 104°F – 446°F which is a pretty broad range, and the temperature is set by using the two buttons located near the digital screen. Once you choose a setting, it takes about 30 seconds to heat up. It charges via USB so it’s incredibly easy to charge most places you go. A full charge should get you about 75 minutes; I noticed it didn’t drain when it wasn’t in use over several days. It has a 5 minute shutoff to conserve the battery, as well.

You have options with both an organic cotton concentrate pod and a stainless steel dry herb pod,  and they can also be pre-loaded to bring on-the-go. I LOVE that the glass mouthpiece unscrews and tucks away under the vape through a little sliding door. It sucks having a mouthpiece that falls off all of the time or sticks out. This same door is what makes the Mini Pro have adjustable air flow so you can add as much or as little air as you’d like. It really comes with plenty of accessories too – 5 stainless steel screens, a cleaning brush, and a dabber packing tool. Definitely use the cleaning brush, herb tends to get stuck where the mouthpiece screws in.


The Mini Pro actually doubles as a power port when you aren’t using it as a vape. Yes, there is a USB outlet on the vape and you’re able to charge ANYTHING that is USB-enabled anywhere on-the-go. I took this to a cannabis festival that has no electricity; I charged the vape in my car during the day and charged my phone with the vape overnight. I think it gave me between 60-80% charge. It was extremely handy!

Quick Tech Specs

The Package:


  • V5.0S Mini Pro Vaporizer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • Borosilicate Glass Stem
  • Organic Cotton Concentrate Pod
  • Medium Stainless Steel Pod
  • Dabber Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 5 Stainless Steel Screens
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Information Card


  • Also a USB Power Bank
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Digital Display Shows Battery Level and Temperature
  • Mouthpiece Hides Away Cleanly
  • 30 Second Heat Time
  • Temperature Range 104°F – 446°F
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • 75 Minute Battery
  • Extra Pods Allow For Extended Use
  • Water Bubbler Attachment
  • Dry Herb & Concentrates
  • Glass Mouthpiece Cools Vapor
  • 5 Minute Shutoff
  • Pocket-sized
  • Very Light
  • It Gets Me High!


  • Definitely have to use a screen because dry herb gets sucked up into the glass mouthpiece
  • Doesn’t include charging adapter, just the cable


  • Unless you know what temperature you like to vape at, start at a lower setting and work your way up to see what you like the Mini Pro set at
  • USE THE POWER PORT! It has a USB power port that can charge anything you like in an emergency, or even on purpose


The Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro from Vaped is a great little vape. I absolutely love the charging port on it, and it has all of the great features you’d expect on a vape. It’s modern with its digital screen, and the mouthpiece tucks away so it’s a convenient and lightweight shape to slip into your pocket. As always, the greatest test is if a vape gets me high, and this one certainly does.


Check out the Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro from Vaped here, or follow Vaped on Twitter.



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