Review: Bucky King Co. Gravity Bong – Video & More

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Remember the time(s) in high school when you or your friend made a pipe out of a Poland Spring bottle and a straw, or a gravity bong out of a Mountain Dew bottle and aluminum foil on the fly?  Later on, like me, you may have graduated to separating your real pipe and jury-rigging the bowl piece on top of your Mountain Dew bottle cap for your gravity bong. They were the worst of times, yet probably also the best of times looking back. Oh, the things we design to get high.

Adults should smoke weed with proper, safe, and quality pieces out of respect for the herb, and largely our health. Smoking with aluminum foil and straws really should be reserved for emergencies only. Bucky King Co. realizes that, so they’ve created “The World’s Greatest Gravity Bong,” the Bucky Top.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and have never used a gravity bong, it basically consists of a bowl (or aluminum foil, ugh), a bottle, a bucket (or sink), and water. There are two main types: the ‘bucket bong’ and the ‘waterfall bong.’ The main ‘bong’ itself is pretty much the same for both; except the bucket bong version has the entire bottom of the bottle cut off, and the waterfall bong only has a small hole drilled out at the bottom.

Gravity Bong:

Image Source: TheWeedBlog

Waterfall Bong:

Image Source: Pinterest

The beauty of a gravity bong is that it gets you rrrrrrrrrrrrrreally high instantly. Your lungs don’t have the capacity to inhale smoke for more than a few seconds, but a gravity bong stays lit for several seconds depending on how quickly the water moves. When the smoke is contained in the small bottle but is still lit and burning, it gets super concentrated and blows your mind a little. It’s just a pain in the ass to build one from scratch, but not with the Bucky Top!


It’s a precision ground stainless steel bowl that is custom-made to fit perfectly inside the mouth of a soda, water, or glass bottle. It’s got some weight to it, and has the Bucky King Co. name and logo inscribed on it. It has an o-ring that insulates heat from the bottle, and creates a seal to trap the smoke inside. Pretty genius, I’d say.


I think the best thing about the Top is its portability. You can’t travel with your glass pipe or bong without fear of smashing it, sometimes you simply don’t have the room for a regular-sized piece, and if you’re trying to be inconspicuous you can’t carry a pipe at all. The Top doesn’t look like a smoking apparatus, and it’s so small that you can fit it nearly anywhere. I’ve brought this thing on a few trips to try it out, and it’s perfect for vacations. And truthfully, in a pinch, it could be used as a pipe if necessary. It was pretty sweet to use on our balcony when we stayed on the beach at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

The Bucky King Co. also have two other products – the Bucky Uno (smaller) and Bucky Bruno (larger). They’re stainless steel one-hitters, and they’re a lot more sleek than the mock cigarette bats you usually see (which are typically used to blend in when in public.) Because of the stainless steel, they feel super solid in your hand. Just be careful, they do get a little warm if you use them too long.

Castle near my house ♥

I think they have some great products, and there’s a time and place for them. The one-hitters are great for travel and are perfect for when you need, well, one hit. And hey – I think you can get more than one hit from these so consider your investment at least tripled!

My only advice is to not use the Bucky Top on plastic bottles TOO often. Great in an emergency and on the road, but smoking from plastic regularly is seriously toxic. Chemicals from the plastic are released and inhaled into your lungs with the smoke, and long-term use is no bueno. A great solution is to make your own custom glass gravity bong from a funky liquor bottle or other glass bottle of choice that the Bucky Top fits in. Simply use a Dremel tool to either cut the bottom off of or drill a hole in your favorite glass bottle, and voilà.

Quick Tech Specs


The Package:

  • Cute little plastic containers


Bucky Top

  • Instant gravity bong20160823_151725
  • Precision ground stainless steel bowl
  • Heavy duty
  • O-ring insulates heat from bottle and creates seal with bottle
  • GREAT for travel, fits nearly anywhere and is inconspicuous

Bucky Uno/Bruno

  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy duty
  • Seems pretty scratch-resistant
  • Good for travel
  • Sleek


  • Uno/Bruno get a little warm with use, but duh
  • I don’t recommend use with plastic bottles as chemicals are leached


  • Create your own glass bottle easily with a Dremel tool for a safer alternative to plastic bottles – like this:



Definitely cool to have these! Uno/Bruno are sleek one-hitters that look better than the mock cigarette bats if you aren’t trying to be discrete.  The Bucky Top is a throwback to the high school/college days of getting fucked up and not having a care in the world. It’s excellent for vacation when you always have a plastic bottle around, you can get water anywhere, and you want to blow your mind.

Check out the Bucky Top, Bucky Uno, and Bucky Bruno for more information, or follow Bucky King Co. on Twitter.


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