Review: Chameleon Glass Wake ‘n Bake Mug

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I really associate the Wake ‘n Bake mug with relaxation. This isn’t the kind of thing you take on the go; I see this mug being used on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your feet up looking out at the lake, on vacation at a cabin in the woods, or in bed at night watching a movie with hot cocoa. This is a session you take your time with.

It’s beautifully handcrafted, and it’s done right here in the U.S. The bowl is huge and can pack a lot of herb, so it should definitely last your whole beverage and then some. To be clear, the smoke isn’t filtered through the liquid, it’s built for the smoke to expel from the tip of the handle.

You can put a hot or cold drink in it such as coffee, tea, wine, a cocktail, soda, milk, etc., and you don’t have to carry around something else to smoke out of while you’re drinking it. Many people start their morning with a coffee and smoke, and the Wake ‘n Bake mug can’t make it any easier.


Quick Tech Specs

The Package:

  • Chameleon Glass always ships quickly in a discrete, plain, brown box. Typically, their glass items are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap with accessories wrapped separately in newspaper. The items are then submerged in a ball pit of packing peanuts as shock absorbers in the box.


  • One item, two functions – I hate carrying around a bunch of stuff
  • Thick, sturdy base
  • Large bowl
  • Fun to watch the smoke flow through the clear handle
  • Withstands hot liquids
  • Chameleon Glass logo
  • Hot or cold beverage (wine, anyone?)
  • Conversation piece


  • Somewhat expensive


  • Glass containing hot liquid is hot – don’t be dumb!


This thing is awesome! I’m positive that most of us at some point have said about some random item “I wish I could smoke weed out of this.” Well, Chameleon Glass made smoking weed out of your beverage possible and I think that’s pretty great. It’s fun, functional, and definitely grabs attention.

2016-09-29 16.36.50


Find out more information about the Wake ‘n Bake mug on the Chameleon Glass website.



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