Anniversary Bash 420 Giveaway #2 – the Typhoon Steamroller Pipe by Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass and I are back with another giveaway! I can’t harp on about them enough, so I figure that the best way to show you how great they are is to just get a product in your hands.

The Typhoon Steamroller is similar to their Typhoon Classic in that they both have been science’d up with specially engineered air directors. The smoke/air is made to vortex inside each of the separate chambers. This fancy process cools the smoke while giving you an awesome smoke show, and the centrifugal force ejects combusted tar onto the walls of the piece instead of in your lungs. It’s basically like a water pipe, but dry. Science is neat, right?


One awesome winner will receive a Typhoon Steamroller directly from Chameleon Glass. Feel free to come back every day and earn more entries; a winner will be randomly selected. This giveaway ends on 5/31/17 at 4:20pm EST.

Good luck!

Enter the Chameleon Glass Bash Giveaway HERE



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