Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?

My depression began when I was nine years old after a series of traumatic events. I had always been a happy child who loved people, but everything seemed to change that year. I cried, I was sad, and I hung my head when I walked. I felt the change, and my parents saw it too. Depression started young for me, and while it comes and goes and mutates itself in hundreds of ways, I know it will probably always be a part of my life.

The conception of my depression was very clear to me, but I wonder if it was so clear for others. If you have depression or are close to someone who does, do you recall when exactly it started? Could you feel it, see it, recognize symptoms, or contribute it to a specific event at a certain age? Or has it always somehow been there?

One thought on “Reader Poll: At What Age Did the Depression Begin?

  1. I was recently asked when my depression first began and I honestly laughed because I cannot remember a time when I didn’t feel this way. The idea of pure happiness and contentment always seemed abstract to me, something others experienced but I only saw from the outside looking in. Even during “happy times”, depression was a cloud that hung over me.

    Thanks to a recent genetic test, I have discovered that reason. Turns out that I have a gene mutation which renders my liver incapable of breaking down a simple compound my brain needed to regulate emotions. My depression had always been there because my body had never been able to supply itself with what it needed to feel otherwise.


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