What is Kinkly, Who Are These ‘Sex Blogging Superheroes,’ and Why Do I Care?

Blogging didn’t even exist yet when I was born in ’85, and shoddy dial-up Internet didn’t reach US homes until the 90’s. Growing up as an 80’s/90’s kid, you relied solely on books for information. If you wanted to learn or understand anything, yes, you had to go to this place called a ‘Library’ and scour through books (with no Ctrl-F) endlessly until you found what you were looking for. As you can imagine or have experienced, this is very time-consuming, and mostly unhelpful.

This practice was fine for book reports and learning about the Civil War, but as a developing adolescent there were only so many books for me about ‘What is this vagina thing?,’ ‘Oh-I own something called a G-spot?,’ and later in life, ‘My partners don’t make me orgasm so there’s probably something wrong with me, right?’ I remember sitting in the corner of a Barnes and Noble a few times growing up reading titles such as “Where Did I Come From?” and “What’s Happening to My Body?,” taking care to have a Highlights magazine keep the book hidden.

You weren’t given a diagram or taught anything about sexual anatomies in school, you couldn’t Google anything, and it was pretty rare for parents to broach the subject. So how the hell were you supposed to know what sex is and how best to enjoy it? You didn’t, you guessed and figured things out the long and hard way.

The first thing considered to be a ‘blog’ was done by Justin Hall in 1994 at Swarthmore College. He called it his “personal homepage” on Links.net, and it wasn’t until 1997 that the term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger. In 1999 programmer Peter Merholz shortened the word to “blog,” and 5 years later Merriam-Webster announced it as their word of the year. Blogs generally started out as moderated discussion forums about interesting things found on the net, but in the late 90’s people began using them as online diaries. Soon people began blogging about chosen topics, and that’s where we are today.


Along the line, someone quite like myself must have realized the vast amount of misinformation and, really, the complete lack of information about sex, sex-related products, and sexual experiences. That’s when sex blogging was born.

So great – sex blogs exist, people are sharing experiences, and folks are accessing information about sex way easier than they were before. But the Internet is a huge place – how are we ever to locate all of the sex blogs? It’s like we’re back in the 90’s having to spend hours to find the information we’re looking for. Plus, turns out some people are terrified of others talking about sex. With sex bloggers facing discrimination and threats to be deleted, it was nearly impossible to find a safe and judgment-free space to talk about all things sex.

So what if we had ONE place; one web page where we could have every sex blogger there is without fear of being censored or not accepted? And then, what if we rank them and add the ability to sort them? That would be FUCKING AMAZING. So in 2013, after experiencing their own form of discrimination, the good and hard-working folks over at Kinkly decided they’d had enough and ran a sex blogging contest. They asked the world to nominate their favorite sex blog websites and created The Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013. They had such an amazing turnout that they now run the contest every year seeking out the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes. I unfortunately missed last year’s contest because I had just started my blog and didn’t know, but I’m looking forward to seeing how I stack up this year.

Source: Martin Malchev/Dreamstime.com

At any moment of any day, you can go to their website and find over 300 sex-positive blogs, and you can filter them by their Ranking Score, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, Kinkly Rank, Alexa Rank, Linking Domains, and Moz Rank. It’s a space where all can apply, no one is discriminated against, and everyone is free to talk about raw, uncensored, and real sex. Whaaaaaat? That’s exactly what we were looking for! Thank you, Kinkly.

Starting today, they’re running their annual Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2016 contest 420where you can vote for your favorite sex bloggers. You may certainly vote for multiple blogs, but you can only vote for each blog once. If a blog receives at least 5 votes before 10/9/16, it’ll be thoroughly combed through by the dedicated Kinkly staff for quality, sex-positive content, and frequency of writing. At the end of October, they’ll reveal their 100 favorite blogs and announce the top winner in several categories.

You can check out everything Kinkly has to offer, or look at their current list of Top Sex Bloggers.

If you think my blog is neat, you can vote for me here. Thank you in advance, my blog is nothing without you.












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