Ophelia’s First Anniversary Bash – Giveaways, Reviews, Activities, and Stray Llamas

Thoughts With a Dildo in Hand has existed in my mind for a couple of years now, and I finally released it to the world just over one year ago. For my first anniversary, I’m throwing a month-long virtual bash in your honor. After all – I’d just be talking to myself if I didn’t have my faithful readers.

So, thank you.

To celebrate, I’ll be reviewing some awesome products and giving away a bunch more. I’ll be sharing personal stories of other ‘firsts’ I’ve had, and have other fun things to do too. There will also be llamas.

I’m teaming up with some of my favorite companies that I’ve worked with this past year, and you’ll be seeing many new ones too. Expect prizes, informative reviews, special stories, and so many activities.


Below are just some of the businesses involved:



My favorite vape site, and not just for the high-tech vapes. The owner is an awesome guy, the shipping is uber fast, and the customer service is fantastic.

Chameleon Glass


As you probably know by now, these guys are awesome. They make super scientific, quality, and safe glass smoking pieces.



This super useful invention keeps your precious joints and blunts from getting crushed and bent in your pocket.

Bucky King Co.


Makers of the convenient Bucky Gravity Bong, the Bucky Uno, and the Bucky Bruno.

Cannabath & Body


These guys make awesome body products using the cannabis plant.

Any particular products you’d like to see reviewed or given away? Comment below and I’ll see what I can do!



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