The Top 10 Myths About the Magic Wand Original and Rechargeable


The Magic Wand is nothing new to the sex toy world, and it has formed itself a great reputation as one of the BEST sex toys out there – but not all of the chatter is very ‘becumming.’ I believe that both the Magic Wand Original and Rechargeable are quality, sophisticated, and necessary products that don’t deserve unfounded rumors. Based on many questions my readers have privately asked me about the Wand and opinions I’ve seen oot and aboot on the Internet, I decided that there was just too much speculation and very little fact. So I’ve stepped into the (cock) ring and am prepared to battle the Top Ten Myths about the Magic Wand.



Myth #1:  The Magic Wand desensitizes (and therefore ruins) you:

This myth is by far the most heinous, so I’ll clear the air from the start. The human body is an incredible vessel; it takes hits, cuts, bullets, trauma – yet can usually bounce back as good as new. To think that a little intense vibration is enough to completely desensitize a clitoris permanently is just preposterous and ignorant. If anything, masturbating frequently actually enhances orgasms by exercising your pubococcygeus muscle and builds clitoral sensitivity. Though the Magic Wand is my all-time favorite toy, I still have no problem getting off with other vibrators.




Myth #2:  It feels so good that you become addicted to masturbating:

I assure you that the Magic Wand is one of man’s best gifts to sexuality, but like with everything, there’s a line. Everything in moderation, and let it not interfere with daily or social interactions. Masturbation and sex feel great, and things that feel great set off a chain reaction of chemicals in our brains. They’re similar to chemicals produced when gambling, drinking alcohol, or snorting a line off a hooker’s ass. But that doesn’t mean it’s addictive. Nicotine in cigarettes, for instance, is a highly addictive substance and that’s what causes the addiction. As far as I know, the Magic Wand contains 0% nicotine or any other addictive chemicals.



At Ripley Falls in the White Mountains of NH.



Myth #3:  You’ll “never need a man again” or want to use any other sex toy:

YES, the Magic Wand is AMAZING, but it doesn’t fulfill every need. No toy on Earth exists that could take the place of a partner. Sex and masturbation isn’t ALL about the orgasm, it’s the emotional and physical connection with yourself or another human. Plus there are literally thousands of products available for our pleasure, and they keep on makin’ more. Dildos and strap-ons and bondage, oh my! You’ll certainly have your favorites, but it’s important to keep changing things up. It’s not only good to keep your own body guessing, but it keeps things fresh to keep your partner guessing too. Just seeing the package with a shiny, new toy delivered by the completely unsuspecting mailperson is enough to make you bolt to the bedroom right away in anticipation. Don’t forget that many toys (such as the Njoy Pure Wand) work BRILLIANTLY in unison with the Magic Wand!




Myth #4:  It’s way too powerful:

If you put your hand directly on the stove burner when it’s on, you’re going to burn yourself – right? Using the same logic, smashing the Magic Wand against your clitoris will have a similar effect. And no one wants a burned clit. It’s nice to ‘warm up the oven’ a bit before bringing out any heavy artillery by teasing and lightly touching all of your sensitive areas. Use another toy first, if you’d like. This heightens arousal and also makes orgasms even stronger. You’ll notice that slowly introducing pressure, speed, and power desensitizes the nerve endings a bit and you’re able to handle more intense stimulation after several minutes. I noticed this especially when trying out the KlittraJet erotic shower kit. The Original has a ‘high’ and ‘low’ setting and the Rechargeable is multi-functional, so if you find that the ‘low’ is still too powerful for you – use it through your underwear, a sheet/blanket, or pillow; or put a sock over the head. Then after some time, your nerve endings will relax and gain normal sensitivity again.



Enjoying myself on a solo trip up to the White Mountains in NH.

Myth #5:  You can’t squirt with only clitoral stimulation:

BULL. SHIT. Squirting isn’t ALL about stimulating the g-spot, it’s about stimulating and filling the Skene’s gland. The Skene’s gland is located just behind the g-spot, and it grows and fills with liquid upon arousal. This liquid is what is expelled during a squirting orgasm, not pee. Arousal can come from stroking and applying pressure to the g-spot, but it can also arise from clitoral and other stimulation. I have squirted many times using the Magic Wand by itself and it’s just as good. This girl didn’t seem to have any problems either.




Myth #6:  It’s too expensive:

You nearly (or really do) gasp when you see the prices for the Magic Wand, but it’s all about perspective. How could this bumbling, little piece of plastic cost as much as a car alignment?! Well, how much is your pleasure worth? I’m on year two with my Original – if I threw it in the lake today, would I have paid $35 each of the last two years for the hundreds (literally) of orgasms it’s given me? YES. A thousand times yes! Would I sacrifice not going out to dinner a couple times, or not buying those shoes to afford it? YES. Perspective is everything. And every day that I don’t throw it in the lake, my Price Per Orgasm just keeps going down.




Myth #7:  It sucks because it only does one thing:

What more do you need it to do? It’s one of the best at what it does already. Have you ever been disappointed that your washing machine doesn’t make your coffee too? Then you probably won’t be upset to realize that this particular vibrator just vibrates. Because it vibrates like nobody’s business. Plus, they make awesome accessories like this fancy Liberator wedge. And like I said – make things more interesting by using other toys too.




Myth #8:  The Original doesn’t have enough settings:

I reiterate – what more do you need it to do? It’s got FUCK YES and OH FUCK YES! Can’t say I’ve ever desired any other setting. But ok, fine – someone solved that problem and made this special speed controller. Instead of the controller (that I can’t vouch for), for only a little more money just get the Rechargeable – it has 4 different speeds AND 5 different patterns.




Myth #9:  It’s only for cis women:

I have heard from dozens of cis men and couples who love playing with the Magic Wand. It’s great to lay it between partners in the missionary position, and some folks love putting it under the balls or near the anus to massage the prostate. It’s fun using it on a partner and watching the joy it brings them. This toy does not discriminate.




Myth #10:  It’s overrated:

And why do people think it’s overrated? Because everyone has talked about it. Things come and go as fads, but the Magic Wand is not just some mullet. It’s a revolutionary piece of technology (even if by accident – did you know it wasn’t originally intended for your genitals?), and the pioneer to lay the foundation for other handheld ‘massagers.’ There’s a reason everyone is talking about it.



If you were on the fence and want to get your paws on one of the Magic Wands now, I find that Good Vibes is always a great choice. They have body-safe, sex-positive products and great customer service. The Wands are on Amazon for cheaper, but it’s taking a chance as there are often counterfeit products on there – always check reviews first.





What do you think of the Magic Wand, and which is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Myths About the Magic Wand Original and Rechargeable

  1. That was fucking funny and informative. I’ve been wondering about the magic wand for a while now and I have to say all my doubts and questions are satisfied now. Plus I got a good laugh 😂


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