Review: ‘Complete Solution’ from Chameleon Glass

As always, scroll down for the Quick Tech Specs!

If you like dabbing and also like smoking dry herb, it’s a real bitch to have to tote around two different rigs. That’s one reason why Chameleon Glass came up with the ‘Complete Solution.’ It’s a combination dab rig AND bubbler, so all you have to do is switch out the attachment when you want either combustion or atomization. Plus, it DISASSEMBLES for easy cleaning and traveling. I’d say it can’t get much more ‘complete’ than that.

Similar to their ‘Ladies’ Choice,’ the ‘Complete Solution’ is about 9.5″ tall with a chamber
just over 3″ in height. I find it to be a perfect size – it’s big enough so that it won’t show up and you say, “What the hell is this?,” and it’s small enough to carry around and even lie in bed with comfortably. It’s completely clear sans a tiny, black Chameleon Glass logo on the front and a blue clip that connects the mouthpiece to the body.


It comes with both a universal dry herb bowl and either a nail and dome or a domeless quartz nail. I was able to try both with this piece, and it really boils down to preference. The domeless nail only has one piece to deal with but I feel that it’s harder to heat because there’s more area, and the flame can easily get blown out by itself because of the shape if you don’t have the right angle. Nails with a dome are easier and more efficient to heat (and the dome helps you not burn yourself when you’re high and forget not to touch the nail), but you have an extra piece to use and not break/lose. So it’s really personal choice when it comes to choosing a nail; I feel they both have their applications. Also like the ‘Ladies’ Choice,’ this piece has a straight diffused down stem to filter and cool the smoke.

I feels really great to hold – my fingers fit perfectly around the chamber and the bottom of the mouthpiece snags right on my thumb to keep it steady. It has a curved mouthpiece which was crafted for chillin’, because we all know how awkward it is to hover over the top of a bong in order to hit it. This thing was built for minimal effort and maximum impact.

I swear there’s just something about glass bubblers that fucks you up extra. When I hit this thing, I can feel it deep in my lungs. The dry herb attachment is huge so you can pack it as heavy or as light as you prefer. As always, I definitely recommend a screen to avoid sucking the herb (thereby getting it stuck) down the filter.

The nail and dome work really well making dabs a breeze. Since it’s totally clear, it’s actually pretty awesome to see the atomization happen before your eyes and watch the smoke as it travels down the filter, out into the chamber, and up through the mouthpiece right into your purdy mouth.

It’s much easier to clean because you have the ability to take it apart, and it’s dishwasher safe! So of course I ran it through the dishwasher to see how it goes. Well, it got clean and didn’t break. That’s about all I have to report there. You definitely have to upkeep maintenance with this guy because it’s clear, so if you run it through the dishwasher once or twice a week you should be able to keep it clean. If you let the resin build up, however, the dishwasher definitely won’t be enough to clean it and you’ll have to use a special pipe cleaner.

I definitely recommend the ‘Complete Solution‘ because it just makes life easier. Easy to
use, easy to clean, beautiful craftsmanship, quality materials, and convenient to travel with. In fact, these pictures were taken on a recent trip up in Stowe, VT – I packed it back in the original box it came in, taped it up, and I was dabbing on the go. Easy!


I even had myself a little ‘spa day’ in our room at the Inn – nothing complements the ‘Complete Solution’ like a little sparkling wine, tequila, porn, the Njoy Pure Wand, and the Magic Wand Original. These are a few of my favorite things.

They also sell these awesome renewable Bamboo Kindtrays to hold all of your accessories. They even have a picture of the ‘Complete Solution’ in this Kindtray to see how everything fits in it. I must say, these trays revolutionize smoking weed. No more looking under couch cushions for lighters; no more loaded dab tools rolling off of the table and onto the carpet; and no more bumping into your piece, sending it crashing to the floor. There’s a place for everything. They sent me a pocket-sized Kindtray and its utility has been invaluable!

Shown with dry herb attachment and Kindtray

You can check out more details about the Complete Solution; or find Chameleon Glass on their page, on Twitter @ChameleonUSA, or on Instagram.

Don’t forget to use my code OPHELIA for 10% off!


Quick Tech Specs

Included in the package is:

  • 1 Glass bubbler
  • 1 Dry herb attachment
  • 1 Domeless nail or 1 nail and dome
  • 1 Keck clip to attach mouthpiece


  • Includes a dry herb attachment and either a nail and dome or domeless quartz nail
  • Beautifully crafted glasswork
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning and travel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Elegant clear design
  • Quality materials
  • Sturdy, thick glass and base
  • Large dry herb bowl
  • Universal joint to add attachments
  • Chameleon Glass exclusive
  • Hits strongly, but is smooth
  • Curved neck for sitting on the couch or lying down



  • Because it can be disassembled, the mouthpiece swivels around slightly where it’s attached
  • While the clear looks amazing, it also means it requires regular cleaning so it doesn’t look gross


  • Put a screen in the dry herb bowl to avoid sucking in the flower and clogging the filter
  • Clean in dishwasher 1-2 times per week to avoid resin buildup (or every 3-5 sessions)
  • The Bamboo Kindtray is SUPER helpful for dabbing and keeping all of your accessories together
  • Only fill the chamber water up about 1″ to avoid back splash into your mouth
  • Keep the box they ship it to you in to repackage it and tape up when you travel with it
  • Use code OPHELIA to save 10%!


Any other Chameleon Glass pieces that have caught your eye?



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