Review: The Silver Surfer Vaporizer from Vaped

As always, scroll down for the Quick Tech Specs!

I’ve tried several portable vaporizers in the past few years but I hadn’t yet encountered a desktop vape in my travels. We’ve all heard of the Volcano Vaporizer, but you don’t hear too much about any other brands of desktop vapes. I assure you, more exist. carries a great selection of both portable and desktop vaporizers, all of which have been researched thoroughly by Vaped and given their official stamp of approval. When they say they “live and breathe vaporizers,” they mean it – I haven’t found a vape from their website that I don’t like.

I’ve checked out the very user-friendly and chic Imag+, the multi-functional and never-dying Haze V3 Dual Chamber, the classy (and even vibrating!) Focusvape, and the dual-use Arizer Solo that can be used as a vape or for aromatherapy! All have been extremely quality, reasonably priced, and have not disappointed me. This time, I’ve been tasked with scrutinizing the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and I’m excited to share my findings!

Included in the package is:

  • 1 Silver Surfer Vaporizer with 10 foot power cordSS8
  • Padded travel bag with sturdy shoulder strap
  • Glass temperature adjustment knob
  • Heater cover
  • Interchangeable baseplate
  • Food-grade tubing
  • 1 Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 Glass wand
  • 1 Steel pick with glass marble
  • Manual
  • Replacement screens


First of all, the vape  is constructed out of solid metal and glass and is extremely sturdy – but not too heavy. It even comes with its own plush carrying case, and that thing is legit. It’s made of a tweed-like material that feels very durable, yet is super cushy with a velvety material inside to keep your Silver Surfer comfortable. I like that it has multiple pockets inside and out for separation of your gear – there’s plenty of room to throw in a couple pipes and lighters so everything is together when you’re traveling. (Just a carrying bag is usually around $50!) The hooks for the straps look solid as hell, and I’m pretty sure that the strap itself could double as a NASCAR safety harness.


Despite being accompanied by a sizable manual, the Silver Surfer actually is incredibly simple to set up and use. Much like a hookah, you attach a tube, hose, and mouthpiece to the main unit and use them to draw in the vapor. Connecting the hose will look difficult, but I took a picture to help you out.


The small, glass mouthpiece is connected to the hose, and the other end of the hose is connected to the skinny side of the long, glass tube. This is the tricky part – the glass tube has a frosted ball on the opposite end that is inserted into the matching frosted housing on the top of the vape, like a swiveling ball joint (much like your hip and shoulder). The ball can then be held in place with the silver ‘Ride the Wave’ heater cover that slides down into the vape over the neck of the tube. You should then be able to swivel the tube around. You may find yourself flipping the heater cover back and forth trying to figure out which way it goes in like I do every single time with a USB cable, but you should be able to read ‘Ride the Wave’ left to right  when looking straight at the vape.


I definitely recommend reading through the whole manual because they offer some great tips and give you instructions on how you should use the Silver Surfer the first time. Like with any vape, you want to grind up your herb first to expose the trichomes and definitely use the included screens so you don’t suck all the flower down the tube. The vape is easy to fill and has a large chamber, but don’t pack too much in it or it won’t have enough air circulation.

I always like to start my vapes on a lower setting and gradually turn them up so I can extract as much THC as possible. I find that a setting around ‘2 o’clock’ on the Silver Surfer is perfect for vaporizing with just a hint of clouds. Like I said, it’s very similar to smoking a hookah – but a lot healthier if you aren’t using tobacco. (Did you know that smoking a hookah could be worse than smoking cigarettes?) When vaping with the Silver Surfer, I get a really relaxed ‘head high’ and it’s pretty awesome.

This is definitely a quality product, and I’m super stoked to have been able to give it a go. I love the beautiful and intricate glasswork on the accessories; you can certainly tell that each piece is crafted independently – who wants to be the same? With a 10 foot cord, it really gives you a lot of flexibility on where you can place it or even leave it permanently. It heats up quite fast and by leaving it out somewhere, you can be vaping in minutes at any time. They even sell an aromatherapy attachment separately so you can heat oils, etc. to fragrance the room. It really is the most unique vaporizer I’ve ever used before. They even give you options to customize it inside their manual.

If you’re looking for a new vaporizer and don’t want to waste your money, I highly recommend the Silver Surfer (coming from someone who has wasted a lot of money in the past on crummy vapes.) It comes in silver, black (so awesome they’re both sold out!), or – for a severely discounted price – as a ‘cosmetic 2nd.’ In fact, Vaped has just taken an additional 25% OFF of the cosmetic 2nd option, which is a ridiculous discount! So now is definitely a good time to capitalize on some savings and get a vape that will surely impress even ‘the Joneses.’

Feel free to check out Vaped, or take a closer look at the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.


Below are the quick facts:


Silver Surfer Vaporizer



Quick Tech Specs


  • Heats up within minutes
  • Gets me high
  • Intricate glasswork on accessories
  • Comes with plush, padded case with shoulder strap to carry it around easily, making it a ‘desktop’ AND somewhat ‘portable’ vape
  • Can be used with separate glass aromatherapy/essential oil attachment
  • Uses wall outlet, no batteries to keep track of
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Several temperature settings
  • Includes many accessories, including replacement screens
  • Very informative manual with pictures
  • 10 foot long cord to reach outlets better
  • Customizable
  • Replaceable baseplate
  • Inexpensive for a desktop vape
  • On sale right now for 25% off at! (7/25/16)

  • Includes card with initials from each person who worked on it for a personal touch



  • I struggled to find any – this is simply a quality piece of equipment.


  • Put a screen (included!) inside the glass tube you put the herb in so it isn’t sucked into the tube later
  • Read the whole manual as it has tips and how to operate it for the first time
  • Get the aromatherapy attachment to fragrance your home between each sesh



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