Chameleon Glass ‘Ladies’ Choice’ Review + 10% Off Code

I introduced you to Chameleon Glass a while back when I hosted the McCoy Oilers Reynolds Rig Giveaway. The piece that stood out to me most from their extensive collection is by far the ‘Ladies’ Choice’ for its elegance and sleek design. Pink and black happen to be my favorite combination too, and together they make this rig look extremely classy.


The chamber itself is about 4″ tall, and the total rig is about 7″ which matches what they describe on their website. It’s petite and ladylike, but certainly isn’t small. The chamber features a straight shot diffused down stem which filters your smoke to keep it cool and flavorful.

It has a female joint, and what’s great is it actually comes with both the quartz domeless nail and the dainty dry herb attachment that even has a handle (and a huge bowl)! Almost makes me feel compelled to lift a pinky when handling it. (Did you know that lifting a pinky with tea is actually rude?)

I’m not a big fan of labeling and you certainly don’t have to be any certain sex or gender to appreciate the ‘Ladies’ Choice,’ but they clearly had femininity in mind when crafting this piece. In my research, I don’t find too many companies who make quality gear with “feminine” colors. That’s why I fell for this one immediately – how many pink and black rigs have you seen comparatively? But though the ‘Ladies’ Choice’ couldn’t get much more “girly” ( yet oh-so-badass), I still tried to think of how this rig would best be enjoyed for an Ultimate Feminine Experience.

Well, by involving champagne, of course. Coincidentally, our wedding flutes match the rig perfectly.Ladies5


Sometimes I like to slowly sip on a little somethin’ somethin’ when I smoke because it rounds out to a pretty nice buzz for me (and tends to the dry mouth). Researchers speculate that alcohol can increase the amount of THC that is absorbed into the bloodstream, so care must certainly be taken when mixing the two. One thing I love about marijuana is that I just don’t feel the need to drink alcohol, but I thought a glass of champagne was appropriate as I tested out the rig. But I didn’t stop there – I filled the rig up with champagne too!

We fill our bongs, bubblers, and rigs with water, why? It’s cheap (for many) and is usually readily available, but mostly because it filters out heavy, water-soluble particles that would otherwise go straight into our lungs. That’s why cigarettes have filters – to attempt to catch a portion of the tar and other particles. You can use other liquids to fill up your water pipe, but it’s called a water pipe for a reason. Anything else wouldn’t be cost-effective or necessary, and your liquid of choice may actually be trapping the precious THC you so desire. Alcohol is one of the biggest culprits of this; THC is alcohol-soluble, which means some of the THC is dissolving straight into the alcohol before it even gets to you. Bummer.

But I couldn’t resist doing it anyway.

After all, that’s what you hired me for – to do all the stupid shit so you don’t have to. I gave the ‘Ladies’ Choice’ innards a quick (and careful!) bath with soap and warm water, because hygiene, and dried it off with a paper towel. I funneled in some champagne, did a photo shoot, then popped the rig in the fridge (because how else would you serve champagne?).


By the time it was chilled and I sat down to do a dab with the ‘Ladies’ Choice,’ I had completely forgotten I had put champagne in the chamber until I suddenly tasted a strong grape flavor in my mouth. Since champagnes are made using grapes from the Champagne region of France, it makes sense. It was so noticeable and surprising that I immediately remembered I wasn’t using water. It was actually pretty interesting – I felt the sweetness both on my tongue and in the back of my mouth and nasal passages. Trippy.

But since I’d already come this far, I figured I couldn’t stop there. As some of the THC should theoretically have been absorbed into the champagne, it felt criminal to pour both the champagne AND the THC down the sink, so you know what I had to do.

I don’t recommend it. It tasted like smoked champagne which was just as gross as it sounds. ABORT.

In addition to the sweetness, the Glue York Diesel dab hit was smooth, cool, and tasty. Also, the dry herb attachment with regular water and some Gorilla Glue fucked my shit up.

I recommend the hell out of this rig. It’s elegant, cute, badass, versatile, quality, and bound to get compliments. I can see this rig being pulled out for bachelorette shindigs, ‘girls night,’ or spending the day in bed watching porn and masturbating. Your choice.

Plus, with my code OPHELIA, you can save 10% off your entire order! Enjoy!

Check out the ‘Ladies’ Choice,’ or follow Chameleon Glass on Twitter.



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