Spending Time with the Arizer Solo from Vaped

The Arizer Solo is a fan-favorite at Vaped, so the owner sent it to me to check out personally. Visually, it doesn’t look like a typical handheld vaporizer, but it really packs a punch. With only two buttons on the entire thing, it’s a very simplistic, but effective device.


Included in the package is:

  • 1 Arizer Solo
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 Glass Inhaling Tubes (1 curved, 1 straight)
  • 1 Glass Potpourri/Aromatherapy Attachment
  • Manual
  • Potpourri Sample


Packing it with your dry flower of choice is simple enough, just grind it up and put it in the chamber on the bottom end of the glass curved or straight inhaling tube. They also give you an attachment to heat essential oils, potpourri, aromatherapy, etc, and it’s nice that they don’t charge you for it separately. I’ve read other people complaining about the ‘tight fit’ experienced when placing the tube inside the unit, but a ‘tight fit’ is a good thing where I come from. Turning it on is as simple as pressing the two buttons simultaneously. You can then choose a temperature setting from there, or it remembers your favorite setting.

It has a few different lights indicating whether it’s charging, idle, or heating up and there are seven temperature options for user flexibility. As with all vaporizers, I like to start at a lower setting and work my way up to extract as much THC as possible from the flower and really enjoy the vaping experience. With many sub-quality vapes, I find that the few lowest settings do nothing for me, but I already feel and taste the herb on setting #1 with the Arizer Solo. As you may know, my biggest criterion when judging a vape is ‘Does it get me high?,’ and the answer to that question about the Arizer Solo is a resounding ‘Yes.’

All vapes are different, and this one pulls a little on the harder side. It heats up pretty quickly, the process indicated by a red, blinking light. You begin to see ‘clouds’ at setting #2 which doesn’t usually happen on other vapes until halfway through the settings. Even on the max setting the unit itself doesn’t get hot in your hand, but the glass chamber that fits into the unit definitely does. Wait a few minutes after your session to refill or take out the mouthpiece. I also recommend putting a screen inside the chamber where you add your flower because the small holes for airflow in the mouthpiece allow the flower to pass as well and it gets stuck to the sides.

Recommendation: Add a screen to avoid this!

Without the mouthpiece attached, the unit is basically the size of a Red Bull can. I have small hands so I can just barely wrap my fingers around it (that’s what she said),  but it gives it a nice base for standing up. It charges using an adapter, so you don’t have to worry about removing and charging separate batteries.

Overall, I can definitely recommend this vaporizer from Vaped. I’ve yet to come across a product from them that hasn’t impressed me! The amount of research they do to carry only the best products is quite highly evident.

You can find it here!

Arizer Solo

Tech Specs



  • Heats up quickly
  • Gets me high
  • Straight or curved glass mouthpiece
  • Glass aromatherapy/essential oil attachment included
  • Charges using an adapter, no separate batteries to keep track of
  • Simple usage and design
  • Free potpourri sample
  • Several temperature settings
  • ‘Remembers’ your favorite setting


  • Somewhat odd shape to hold
  • Not too travel friendly


  • Put a screen in where you put the dry herb because the four holes that allow air to pass also allow herb to pass too
  • Allow a few minutes after your sesh to reload or remove the glass piece from the unit as it is hot



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