Vaped Week is Here

In the last two Vaped giveaways I asked which vaporizer people are most interested in, and the Silver Surfer and Arizer Solo were two of your favorites.

Ask, and you shall receive.

Vaped has listened to your pleas and I’ll be reviewing both of them this week, in addition to the Focusvape I reviewed last month. Here’s what’s coming up:

Tuesday 6/28/2016


My review of the Arizer Solo vaporizer –  arizer

The Arizer Solo has a wide range of options with a bit of a nontraditional shape. A lot of my readers have shown interest in this guy in particular, so I’m looking forward to letting you know the results!

Next Week

My review of the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizersilversurfer.

The Silver Surfer looks pretty impressive with its intricate colored glass accessories and awesome padded carrying case for protection and travel. This is my first desktop vape experience, so I’m pretty excited to give this one a workout.

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