Hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with Roll-uh-Bowl | 20+ Pictures!

I’ve always appreciated animals and nature, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire has become one of my favorite spots in the world. I’ve been going up there since I was 18 years old and still spend a lot of time there throughout the year.

I’ve had a lot going on in the last few months, and I recently finalized some things that were pretty time-consuming. I found myself struggling to stay motivated in the weeks leading up to the end so I decided I needed something to look forward to in order to get through it. So I booked myself a room for one for a week at our resort up in the mountains. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or got depressed, I’d fantasize about what I’d do on my ‘mental health holiday’ to get my spirits up.




Meanwhile, I had been thinking about this portable water pipe company called Roll-uh-Bowl that I’ve known on Twitter for some time. They make a water pipe that is made in the USA of 100% Healthcare grade, FDA approved, Class VI silicone that folds up to fit in your pocket. Being someone who hikes frequently and has had to deal with either using a crappy travel pipe or hiking with a padded case for my nicer glass pipes, I had to know if this is the solution I’ve been looking for. There’s something so incredibly peaceful, euphoric, and soul-reaching about smoking marijuana in nature, but bringing your 16″ glass bong just isn’t an option for ‘highking.’ So the people behind Roll-uh-Bowl changed all of that.

I packed my bathing suit, vibrators, and smoking accessories, then hit the road with the Mustang.pngtop down. The White Mountains are only a few hours from Boston, and I didn’t mind the drive to clear my head. I stopped off at a ‘scenic viewpoint’ I’ve always liked to take pictures at and got a couple of the Mustang. Driving with the top down listening to my jams is one of the most therapeutic activities for me. There’s just something about the sun shining on my face and the wind blowing through my hair that makes me feel weightless. Pair anything with music and you have yourself a great mood.


After settling into my room, I was just in time to watch the sun set from my balcony. I was on the second floor with a private balcony, so it was as if there was nothing in the world but the woods and me. My favorite things about that particular place are the balconies by the woods and the fireplace – I can’t think of too many more relaxing things than that.

Over the course of the week I drove around to different areas near North Conway, Bartlett, and Jackson, NH to explore the trails and scenery. New England is known for its covered bridges, and there are plenty in the area I was in.

I’m partial to waterfalls so I looked for trails that led to some. I seemed to have found a pretty remote trail near Wildcat Mountain because I had it entirely to myself. My backpack was filled with a bottle of water, a can of beer, toilet paper, anti-bacterial gel, my lighter, and a Roll-uh-Bowl, and with my headphones on I hiked up rocks and tree roots to seek out the waterfalls. After some time I found what I was looking for and got comfortable on a rock at the edge of the water just feet from the waterfall.


I got out my beer, poured some bottled water into the Roll-uh-Bowl after packing it, sat back against a rock, and took in the view in the sunshine. 20160511_150010I do stress using discretion when choosing water to fill the Roll-uh-Bowl because there are many waterborne pathogens that live in natural water reservoirs. While you do have to ingest them to become ill, it’s very easy to get splash back using a bong which could very easily end up in your mouth. So if you’re out in nature, plan ahead and bring clean water (you always should have some with you on a hike anyway) or boil some and cool it. Being the science nerd I am, I was really quite pleased to see these signs outside of the trails talking about the parasite they actually see in the White Mountains.


The Roll-uh-Bowl ended up being everything I hoped it would be. This version even glows in the dark! My goodness, that little guy hits hard. It gives the same nice pull you get from a bong, and it vibrates the whole thing in your hand so you feel it filtering the smoke. While I’m rather used to silicone vibrating in my hands, I’ve never used it in this application and I think the guys at Roll-uh-Bowl are absolutely brilliant. It hits like a ‘real’ bong, it holds the same amount of herb, it folds up to fit in your pocket, and most importantly – it is durable as fuck. I’ve smashed 2 bongs in less than one year, my most recent being in February, and it is incredibly heartbreaking. I’m sure it sounds ridiculous, but you get attached to your piece and it’s a sad day when it breaks.


The Roll-uh-Bowl also has a pretty amazing feature called the ‘Eject-a-Bowl’ that does just that. The bottom of the bowl is kept in place by a spring and when you push the bowl down, the floor of the bowl pushes out the ashes. It’s pretty great. The bowl does have a hole in the bottom to allow air flow, so I recommend putting a screen in there. You can still use the Eject-a-Bowl feature as long as the screen isn’t tight against the walls of the bowl.

If you need help scraping off the resin or ash from the bowl floor, Roll-uh-Bowl also carries a nifty little item called either the ‘Ganja Ninja’ or the ‘Toker Tool.’ All in one, it has a roach holder, shredder/chopper, ruler, bottle/can opener, blunt splicer, dab stand, bowl cleaner, scooper, nail remover, etc. It’s metal and literally the size and thickness of a credit card and fits right in your wallet – it definitely comes in handy in all sorts of situations.


The Roll-uh-Bowl can even be converted into a dab rig in seconds. You can invert the downstem to create a male joint, so all you need is a female domeless nail and you’re set up to dab.


Another beautiful place I visited was Glen Ellis Falls. It’s a very scenic hike which runs along the water that brings you to a dramatic 64′ waterfall.

20160511_112825A few more people were here than the other trail, but I took the ‘road less traveled’ and delved a bit deeper along the water. I found myself a huge rock to lay on in the sun and hung out there for a few hours.   20160511_111326


It was over way too quickly, as all vacations are. Though I must say, it wouldn’t have been the same without Roll-uh-Bowl – that thing is just revolutionary.

You can find there here, on Twitter @RolluhBowl, on Instagram, or on Facebook!


Tech Specs


  • Safe, 100% Healthcare grade, FDA approved, Class VI silicone
  • Multiple colors
  • Hits like a regular bong
  • Has ‘Eject-a-Bowl’ feature
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Extremely durable
  • Folds small enough to fit in a pocket
  • Can convert to dab rig
  • Fits in camping chair/cooler/etc. cup holders
  • One color even glows in the dark!


  • It has the propensity to be knocked over by stoners as it is pretty light – but you don’t put much water in it so you can catch it in time or it doesn’t spill much



  • Always remember to use safe water when you’re enjoying the Roll-uh-Bowl out in nature – some natural water reservoirs have sickness inducing waterborne pathogens


Where would you take the Roll-uh-Bowl?

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