Damngood Threads from Damnworld Clothing

Without clothes, we’d often be arrested. A lot of us smoke marijuana, so why not combine the two for some awesome threads? Damnworld Clothing has done just that.

They’re a company out of the west coast that has a line of clothing specially made with the Ganja Girl in mind. They caught my eye because they actually have cute clothing. I know whenever I see weed-related clothes, it’s hardly ever created with female-friendly designs or cuts. Damnworld Clothing nailed it on both fronts because they have a super cute Ganja Girl design on feminine clothing.


They stock a limited, but succinct selection of racerback tanks, bootie shorts, and a v-neck T-shirt bearing the same design shown above. They advertise the tops as being soft and comfortable, and indeed they are. They are 50% poly, 25% combed & ring-spun cotton, and 25% rayon. The material of the tank feels a bit thinner than a standard T-shirt, but they certainly are comfortable. 

What I really like about them is that they do host a range of sizes – I hate companies that only have clothes for one size or whose ‘XL’ really is ‘XS.’ I plan on doing a photo shoot down the line for these guys that I’m really excited about, so they sent me size ‘L’ clothing because I wasn’t sure what girls I could line up. Laying flat, the ‘L’ bootie shorts are 13″ at the waist and 14″ at the hips; ‘L’ tank tops are 14″ at the waist and 18″ at the hips; and the V-neck is 21″ in a straight cut. That’s the biggest it gets for the shorts and tanks, but the V-necks go up to a 2x so I think they’re definitely generous enough for my curvier girls!


I really dig these guys, and they have more products on the way. I’m psyched about doing the photo shoot, but in the meantime you can check out the damngood stuff from Damnworld Clothing here.

Have a ganja girl in your life that would like Damnworld?


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