Focusing on the Focusvape Vaporizer by Vaped

I’ve been trying out vaporizers from Vaped for a few months now and their products continue to dazzle me. Whenever I run a Vaped giveaway, one of the entries asks which Vaped product you’d like me to review next. You’ve asked, and you shall receive because this month I’ll be reviewing two of the top three that you chose – The Silver Surfer and the Arizer Solo. But for right now, I’ll be checking out the Focusvape.


I have the ‘White Stitched’ variation which coincidentally matches my cell phone – don’t worry, that only just barely influenced my opinion. It feels durable and sturdy when held, much like the Imag+ I got to know last year. It also feels exactly the same with its soft, smooth, rubber-like material.

It comes with a whole mess of accessories, all buttoned up in their cute, little, metallic packages. Included are:


  • Focusvape
  • 1 Battery
  • Wall charger
  • Micro USB cable (not shown in my pictures)
  • Extra glass mouthpiece
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • 3 Screen filters
  • User manual
  • Pretty neat box

It heats up pretty ridiculously fast. It takes less than 20 seconds to get to the lowest temperature, and between 0.5-3.0 seconds to rise to each subsequent temperature. Plus the best part – it vibrates to indicate it has reached the desired temperature. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a fan of all things that vibrate. It was as if we were meant to be.

The body of the vape gets a little warm where the chamber is – but like I said about the Imag+; girls always have cold hands, it’s great for cooler convertible days, and it has to be great in winter. On the lowest setting (320°F), I can start tasting the flavor of the herb. Marijuana, for example, has a completely different flavor vaping than smoking it – you really taste the flavors behind the names. Ever get Blueberry Kush or Girl Scout Cookies and feel betrayed immediately when you can’t taste anything but weed? Try vaping.

The flavor gets more intense over the next two levels and I start feeling that ‘head’ feeling you get from vaping as opposed to smoking. At 374°F, the fourth level, you begin to see evidence of clouds which is introducing a little combustion. (Remember when I taught you all about how temperature affects marijuana? ♥) The clouds and the intensity of high increase with the two remaining settings, ending with pretty big clouds at 428°F. As always with a fresh pack, I start at the lowest setting and work my way up until it’s cashed to get the maximum use of my herb. Then I store it in a jar until I make my own edibles again because there’s usually some THC you can still extract.


Overall, this is a great vape. The barometer I’ve adopted for judging vapes is simply, ‘Does it get me high, or not?’ The Focusvape certainly gets me high. It feels great, it looks great, it tastes great using it, and it vibrates – what more could you ask for?

Fine, there’s a discount. Normally it’s $109, but they have it on sale right now for only $85. As I’ve complained about before, I’ve spent twice that on vapes from other companies that didn’t work and came with absolutely no accessories. One thing I love about Vaped is that their products are such high quality that they usually come with many extras that you can use across all your other gear.



Tech Specs




  • Smooth, sleek feel and design
  • Vibrates to indicate desired temperature has been reached
  • Can charge either by micro USB or by charging the removed battery in the wall charger
  • Uses the same micro USB charger that many cell phones also use, so you only have to carry one cord if yours match
  • Gets me high
  • Heats up nearly immediately
  • Comes with several accessories and a nice storage box
  • Full user manual with pictures
  • Great range of temperatures – from enhancing flavor to making large clouds
  • Easy to operate with labels and LED colors
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Long-lasting battery



  • The glass mouthpiece pops out during travel frequently and is prone to getting lost – but they do give you an extra one!



  • Remember to spin the wheel around the middle so that the vent holes are exposed to allow proper air flow




Think this would be a good portable vape for you?

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