Preview – Champagne for Your Genitals | A KlittraJet Review

Here’s a preview of my experience with KlittraJet – the awesome erotic shower and bath system that was my giveaway for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned, you’ll hear all about it tomorrow!

In the meantime, you can check KlittraJet out here or follow them on Twitter here!

“I remember being on the boat at the foot of the falls having to yell to my husband to be heard over the thunderous sound of them crashing where they met us on the water just yards in front of us. Flowing at over 84,000 cubic feet per second from an intimidating 167 feet above our heads, I couldn’t help but feel small and powerless as the vibration rumbled throughout my body.”

“A Twitter friend thought a company she knows of would be a great match with me, so she got us hooked up and they sent me their premier product, the KlittraJet shower set that uses the methodology of hydro-stimulation. I introduced you to them in February when I hosted a Valentine’s Day Giveaway of their shower and bath kit. People seemed really excited, so I had to give it a test run.


The shower kit physically resembles any other standard handheld shower wand with attached hose, but it’s what’s inside that counts. I don’t have unique or extraordinary water pressure, but what comes out of that product could save millions of trees from wildfire annually.”

“The jet feels like a bottle of champagne fizz exploding against you after being shaken. Parting my lips with my other hand and exposing my clit even more, I focused the warm stream directly on my clit and felt my knees begin to tremble. It was a sensation very different from what I normally feel with a vibrator, and I began yearning for the stream to be stronger. I cranked it up to the highest setting again and brought it between my legs once more.”

Think you’d like the KlittraJet in your shower?


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