Preview: How I Taught Myself to Squirt

One of my recent discoveries is Sheets of San Francisco, a company that makes fluid-proof sheets and pillow cases. Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming review that’ll be published tomorrow:

“We’ve all at some point seen the porn where the chick shoots liquid from her crotch 20 feet across the room and thought to ourselves, ‘There’s no way that’s real, she has to be peeing.’ But despite my numerous attempts at replaying the videos right at ‘the moment’ to see what it looks like, where it came from, and how, I’ve always been a bit skeptical while remaining sincerely curious.

It took my entire life thus far to be able to nail down the difference between a G-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm, and when I finally did a few months ago I decided that learning to ‘squirt’ was going to be my next mission. There was only one problem; if I happened to actually be successful, where did I plan on doing this without making a total mess?

I am not a bath person as bathtubs and showers generally freak me out unless they’re sparkling clean, so I didn’t find laying in an empty, cold bathtub particularly sexy for my experiments. Around the same time, I came across the Twitter account @SheetsoSF and upon further investigation realized they’re a company that makes ‘fluid-proof’ sheets and pillow cases. We got to talking and decided it would be a great thing for me to try out, so I did. Let’s just say my life changed forever, thanks to Sheets of San Francisco.”

Stay tuned for what happened between the Sheets of San Francisco….


5 thoughts on “Preview: How I Taught Myself to Squirt

  1. I’ve dated a few women that had never orgasmed at all. One while in the worst position had her not only orgasm but she sprayed me all over. Another did so many times, destroyed the bed. Plus the dehydration and exhilaration had her pass out.


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