Introducing KlittraJet Erotic Shower & Bath System! | Valentine’s Day Giveaway + 50% Off Code!

I just teamed up with @KlittraJet to bring you an erotic shower and bath system giveaway! They’re a brand new company that is launching this spring and I’m super excited about them! It was designed with the ladies in mind, which is great news for our clits. However, it’s discrete enough to look like a normal shower system, and even the rest of the household will love this thing beating down on their backs.


The shower kit is a shower head with a super long hose to reach down to the tub. It has several ‘massage’ settings for you to massage……..anything and anyone you want. The shower and bath kit includes the same shower head but also comes with the Magic Lotus, which is a personal-sized jet for your clit. Or your butt. Your choice.

This guy’s having fun…

I haven’t given it a complete inspection yet, and I’ve yet to try out the Magic Lotus, but all I know so far is that installation was easy, and that there is no reason for you not to own one. There are two reasons why.

I didn’t have much time, but I had to shower and it was already installed – so why not? It has plenty of settings that do everything from gently raining on your head all the way to putting out an abandoned warehouse fire. Holy smokes, this jet is powerful. Needless to say – I came in about a minute and a half, which was immediately followed by delirium and useless knees.

If you too want delirium and useless knees, it is your lucky day – KlittraJet has given me a magical code that gives you 50% off and no money down if you pre-order KlittraJet by Valentine’s Day  – use code OPHELIA50! After the discount, you only pay $15 for the shower system, and $20 for the shower and bath kit. For the orgasm that thing gave me, I would probably pay $15 per shower. And because there’s no money down, you have a couple months to save up if you need to because shipping will be around April.


1. Delirium-causing orgasms and massage every time you take a shower or bath.

2. Ridiculous savings with my special pre-order code.



In any event, I’m going to run my experiments with the Magic Lotus and report back with my findings as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to enter the giveaway below!



Valentine’s Day Giveaway | KlittraJet Erotic Shower Kit + Window Cling

Do you masturbate in the shower?

13 thoughts on “Introducing KlittraJet Erotic Shower & Bath System! | Valentine’s Day Giveaway + 50% Off Code!

  1. Men may use this just as much as women. Try it yiu may just never leave the shower… mmmlm hmmm here move over I’ll help you find that perfect spot. Smile. And I masturbate anywhere I feel like it… Windows shut of course. But the bathtub is always nice…. and relaxing. One of these babies would make it so much more fun!


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