My Adventure with the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer | 10% Off Code at


My latest adventure from has been the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer. I took it for a vacation when I recently flew down to Florida to see my parents. Besides stumbling down a rock during a photo shoot and the Orlando TSA giving it a personal pat-down, the vape made it from Boston to Florida and back successfully.


It comes in a pretty stylish box with a pattern that mimics the honeycomb-like texture of the vape. The Haze V3  has got some heft to it, and it seems a little intimidating at first glance. It comes with a whole mess of accessories that may look complicated, but I will break it down for you momentarily.


Included Accessories:

Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer
Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
Glass Mouthpiece
2 Conduction Stainless Steel Screens
2 Convection Stainless Steel Screens
Concentrate Can
Dry Material Can
2 Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
Wall Charger
Cleaning tool
Material tool
User Manual

They give you both a stainless steel and a glass mouthpiece for your preference, I found that the glass stayed cooler. The conduction stainless steel screen is for use with dry herb, and it gets the material you’re vaping the hottest, thereby creating the most clouds of all the dry options. The convection screen does the same thing, but keeps it a little cooler. The concentrate can is obviously for concentrates and waxes. The dry material can is essentially about the same idea as the conduction screen, but you can pack it ahead of time or on-the-go, pop it in, and vape away.


It comes with not just one, but two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and a wall charger so you constantly have a charged battery. That way, you’re not bummed out when you finally get to the top of the mountain and your battery is dead. Or whatever you do when you vape. They give you a material tool which basically equates to tweezers for you to grab your material and load your cans with. There’s also a cleaning tool with two different ends so you can clean inside the chambers, and also inside the mouthpieces and mouthpiece hole. Luckily, they include a very comprehensive manual to understand what to do with all this.


However, the coolest thing about this guy is that it has two heating chambers for double your pleasure. You can have dry herb in one and a concentrate in the other, or dry herb in both for when the first one is cashed, or whatever you want to do – the options are endless with the Haze V3. The chambers are differentiated by either a black dot or a silver dot so you know which one you are heating up when you turn the power on, and you can only heat up one chamber at a time. There are four temperature settings also, so you have plenty of choices.


As much as I love the Imag+ for its portability and discretion, I really love the additional quality of the Haze. It vapes really well, gives me just the amount of cloud that I want, is easy to operate, and looks pretty interesting.

A gripe I do have is that they intend for the mouthpiece to be stored inside the vape for travel, which is great if you never want to get it out again. It’s been a somewhat anxiety-ridden few months lately, so my nails are lacking at the moment, and I literally cannot get the mouthpiece out once it’s in without using the nearest appropriate item as a tool. If you have a little bit of a nail, you should be in good shape – I’ll just have to work on my anxiety.

Overall, I’d give the Haze V3 an 8 out of 10 as it’s definitely a quality vaporizer that does the job and then some. The storage of the mouthpiece and how tedious putting the screens and cans in can be sometimes are the only drawbacks I could find – both which are easy to overlook. I love how many accessories they set you up with, and the look and feel of it are high quality.

With an amazing 10 year warranty, I highly recommend picking one of these guys up. They even have an adorable option called the “Pay-It-Forward Program” where for only $99, you’re in a subscription where you get a brand new Haze for life every time they release a new one, and your old one is donated to disabled or low-income seniors. I think the idea is wonderful! So if you’re thinking about getting a vape, I think the V3 is an excellent choice.

But guess what – I have great news.

I have a new code that gets you 10% off any purchase at and which would save you a big chunk of money off the Haze V3. Use code OPHELIA201601 at checkout to receive the discount! As always, excellent customer service, fast and free shipping on most orders, and awesome products.

Find the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer here at, and thanks for checking this out.

How do you feel about vaping? Tell me your thoughts below!


Can you find NASA? 😉

16 thoughts on “My Adventure with the Haze V3 Dual Vaporizer | 10% Off Code at

  1. Sounds like a must-have item!
    I switched to vape from cigarettes a few years ago. So I am familiar with vaping.
    I smoke medical in Montana, but surprisingly have never vaped Cannabis, my partner and I have discussed it.


  2. First off, great review.

    I love vaping, I haven’t smoked since March last year. Not only do I save a ton of cash because I use less material, but it’s also better fit my health. I recommend vaping to everyone I know :).


  3. Your photography is excellent. I’m not smoker but like pipes, I consider fancy vapes such as this to have there own “style” which both impressive and makes me think about buying one and just offering it when guest come over


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