Get 10% Off All Month with my Code | Plus a 10 Prize Giveaway

Hey ya’ll! As I had mentioned in my Cyber Week deals post, my affiliate, whom I’ve written about before, has been kind enough to offer my followers a 10% discount on purchases made on or for the month of December.


All you have to do is use the code OPHELIA122015 at checkout to receive the discount.

If you’re in the market for a vape or aren’t sure if you are, is a great place to start. They only carry quality products, they have fast shipping (free over $99), you get a free grinder with most products, and they actually teach you a little about vaping on their website.


Like I’ve said, I LOVE their Imag+ Ceramic portable vaporizer that I raved about here, and I definitely recommend it to both those just starting out, and those who have been vaping for years. I love it so much that we’ve decided to give away the Imag+ Ceramic, plus 9 other awesome prizes from as a holiday thank you to my followers. It ends Christmas Eve – enter here!



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